Application resolution issue application unusable

  Waddell-95 10:56 30 Apr 2018


I've been using a piece of UK Customs software for work called ASM Sequoia for a couple of months now and have a recurring problem with on of the features of the program which causes the applications resolution to go very small and almost unreadable. I try to open a part of the program called the Tariff Look-up, and while this part of the software opens without issue, the main part of the application seems to change its resolution and becomes so small that I can hardly work on it, and I have to restart the program to use it properly again.

I have checked with the software creator and they have told me that this is the only time they have heard of this issue and have said it is probably due to the set-up of the workstation I am using, which I am inclined to agree with as the other set-ups in the office appear to function without issue.

My Set-up is a Microsoft Surface Book 2 (3000 x 2000 display) using the Microsoft Surface Dock with two Acer monitors (1920 x 1080) I use to extend my display. I believe the screen resolution mismatch is what is causing the issue as on other machines in the office with matching screen resolutions, the software performs fine.

I am looking for a solution to this issue, whether it be upgrading my other monitors, or if there is a command I can use to control the programs resolution to stop this issue from arising, the latter solution being more preferable due to the fact that I would not need to change the screens I have already bought.

Any help on this will be greatly appriciated!

  Forum Editor 12:09 30 Apr 2018

"I believe the screen resolution mismatch is what is causing the issue"

So do I.

Try this:-

  1. Open the Screen Resolution by clicking the Start button, click on Control Panel and then under Appearance and Personalization, click on Adjust screen resolution.

  2. Select the monitor for which you want to change the screen resolution under “Display” drop down menu.

  3. Then select the recommended screen resolution under “Resolution” drop down menu.

  4. Then select “Duplicate these displays” under “Multiple displays” drop down menu.

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