Application refuses to be removed

  bosmere 13:36 04 Apr 2005

I'm trying to remove an application, Netmeter, but it still remains after the removal via Add/Remove Programs and its own Uninstall.

I've also tried re-downloading and un-installing but its still there.

This is on XP - I had no problems when removing from my ME PC.

Any advice welcome, thanks.

  Strawballs 13:38 04 Apr 2005

Download install and run click here

  bosmere 14:13 04 Apr 2005

Thanks Strawballs.

I downloaded RegCleaner and installed it but when I click on the shortcut it created nothing happens and it's not showing in My Programs list or Add/Remove Programs.

A second attempt fared no better.

  pauldonovan 14:35 04 Apr 2005 you mean in your start menu? Or it still shows in Add/Remove programs? Or it is still there on the disk if you look in explorer at its program directory?

  bosmere 14:46 04 Apr 2005

pauldonovan it's no longer in the Start Menu or Add/Remove Programs.

It's still there in Explorer.

It also starts up when I reboot - I have it ticked for Startup in msconfig.

  pauldonovan 14:52 04 Apr 2005

...if you try and delete it in Explorer, it says it is in-use?

Can you untick it in startup? Why do you want it ticked?

If you re-start in safe mode, you can often delete folders without programs starting and being in-use.

Hit f8 during boot and pick safe mode.

Also try startup control panel from Mike Lin or Winpatrol, I find them both better than msconfig for startup - it sometimes seems to miss certain kinds of startup.

  bosmere 15:02 04 Apr 2005

It was ticked in Startup so that measurements could start automatically.

Surely having it ticked doesn't stop removal of the program?

I know that by unticking it will stop the program loading, but I want the program removed.

If I delete it in Explorer does that remove the program or just the reference to it?

  GroupFC 15:08 04 Apr 2005

I might be wrong but surely if it's in start-up the program is "in use" and can't be removed.

  pauldonovan 15:09 04 Apr 2005

..I get why it was ticked, but you want to remove it now...

It is probably running in memory and that will certainly stop it being removed.

I would untick it, then reboot (check it isn't running in task manager) then delete the folder.

In explorer if you delete the entire program directory it is contained in (assuming it is something like c:\program files\netmeter) - ONLY if it has its own - obviously not if it is in the windows directory!).

Usually applications are made up of a combination of:

i) registry entries (some specific to the program, some 'references' as you say for example the startup area
ii) the program directory (with the exes etc.
in it)
iii) Sometimes some files in the windows directory although this is more rare

Hopefully the uninstall tackled most of (i) other than the startup which you are about to untick. It sounds like it didn't do (ii) though which is what I'm suggesting although until you stop it running it won't let you.

  bosmere 15:52 04 Apr 2005

GroupFC I had stopped the process from running prior to the uninstall but not 'unticked' the Startup.

pauldonovan I've now 'unticked' the Startup and rebooted but it's still in Explorer and runs so will now try deleting the folder.

  bosmere 16:08 04 Apr 2005

pauldonovan thanks - deleted folder and all now seems OK.

I thought that programs could only be properly uninstalled by using Add/Remove or via the program uninstaller.

Just shows that you're never to old to learn.

Thanks to all for the assistance.

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