An Application Named?

  swanny2 13:09 04 Oct 2005

hi all got this
a application named win32 kernell core component (file named kernell32.dll) has been blocked.
now ive blocked it as i dont know what it is or if i need it running.
can any 1 let me know please as im not sure what too do .
thanks again .
Swanny :O)

  Forum Editor 14:58 04 Oct 2005

and several causes. I think I could provide you with a fix, but it would involve editing one or more system files - how do you feel about doing that?

  swanny2 15:22 04 Oct 2005

cheers mate but im not sure how i ho about that .
tx anyway :O)

  Forum Editor 15:44 04 Oct 2005

just post back when you're ready.

We'll need to know:-

1. Operating system

2. When do you get the error message - what's happening at the time?

  swanny2 17:44 04 Oct 2005

sorry for the delay.
its windows ME
i just came on an logged into herean got this .
win 32 kernel core has recieved a broadcast packet from the remote machine (@@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected])do u want 2 allow this program too access the network?.

i answered no . then another pop up came up from my fire wall sygate application named win32 kernell core component (file named kernell32.dll) has been blocked, i did have zone alrm but had probs with Vsmon keep popping up , so i deleted it from programes and installed Sygate.thats all i can tell u really.
thnx alot.

  swanny2 17:49 04 Oct 2005

oh an me pc seems too have gone a lot slower. :O(

  swanny2 18:34 04 Oct 2005

ive just turned off sygste an downloaded Nod32.(free trial) will this prevent hackers etc from gettin in me pc?
ty. :O)

  Jackcoms 20:55 04 Oct 2005

"will this prevent hackers etc from gettin in me pc?"

What makes you think hackers are even remotely interested in your PC?

Do you use it to control the UK national defence system or something similar?

If you don't, I think that you are rather overestimating the importance of your PC.

  Taran 22:16 04 Oct 2005

In fairness, whether the chance of a home computer hack is slim or not, there is still a possibility it could happen and the desire to defend against that possibility should be encouraged. Although rare it can and does happen - I've seen the evidence myself and had to repair the damage done for one unhappy friend.

To answer one of the questions asked, no, NOD32 will no directly defend against hackers. It is an antivirus program (the single best antivirus software avialble in my opinion) and scans all files as they are accessed and monitors internet traffic and emails.

Any of the free firewall programs are OK for general protection - ZoneAlarm is as good as anything at keeping the nasties at bay and it works well with all mainstream antivirus products.

The trouble with firewalls is in knowing how to use them. Without prior experience it is easy to become overwhelmed.

I suggest you stick with just one antivirus product and one firewall product. Downloading and installing one trial after another will eventually bog your PC down and start causing problems. better to pick one of each now and learn how to use them.


  swanny2 08:55 07 Oct 2005

ye JACKOMS i have been hacked b4 thats why i want too know mate..whats best for me and until u have experienced sat at ure Pc an some 1 tells u too watch ure c drive open and i have ure password and im going too delete all ure program files .Its not a good thing mate. Ok .
tx all .

  swanny2 18:23 07 Oct 2005

cheers taran ive done what u suggest but i still get the message . cheers :O)

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