application error in xp

  Eddie 2425 20:43 21 Jul 2003

hi anyone help me on this one:bought a new computer now on xp home,previously win98 I have a national lottery program which worked on 98 ok but now i get "application error integer divide by o" every time i try to open the program. it takes several attempts and lots of clicking on the mouse before it will open eventualy. tried the option in xp that allows you to use programs that worked on previous windows still no good, ps i havent won yet but it is an ideal program for checking my syndicates

if the program is trying to divide an integer by 0 there is no way it can work as this is one thing a computer cannot do as the answer is infinite and therefore too large for any any storage facility. if it worked before something has either become corrupted (in which case try reinstalling) or it contains 16bit instructions that xp is too advanced to handle and you will have to ditch the program. unfortunately i dont know of any alternative.

  Eddie 2425 21:41 21 Jul 2003

thanx horiz5 well thats confused the hell out of me it worked ok on win98 and does work on xp but it takes a lot of clicking on the mouse i dont think it is corrupted it is the only prog that doesnt work when it did on 98 if i did a reinstall i would have to input all names and numbers etc. the 16bit sounds like a better option if there was a way around it

  User-312386 21:44 21 Jul 2003

it cant be a good lottery programme anyway!

Have you won?

I thought not.............:)

Good luck with fixing this


  Eddie 2425 21:49 21 Jul 2003

thanx madboy its not the winning its .....yeah got to keep trying buy you a drink if i win still need to sort out my problem

  User-312386 21:51 21 Jul 2003

use the windows compatibilty mode

right click on the programme, select compatiblity tab

now tick the box that you want the programme to run in (windows98 in your case), click on apply and the try

  Podsville 21:53 21 Jul 2003

Is it the GSP lottery prog?

  Eddie 2425 21:55 21 Jul 2003

thanx madboy tried that one still dont work and yes podsville it is the gsplottery prog

  Podsville 22:00 21 Jul 2003

I had the same prob. Ages ago mind you. I was told by GSP to load some results of previous draws and that cured it!

Good luck with both.

  Eddie 2425 22:04 21 Jul 2003

tnanx podsville not sure what you mean by load results have loaded all previous results still got the problem, you not won either? perhaps we should sue gsp LOL

  Podsville 22:14 21 Jul 2003

AAAArrrgggghhh now then...... did I get a patch or sumpin???? thinks thinks... Will need to go check an old log. Will not be back on till tomorrow night. I run the family syndicate (10 of us) We have had quite a few tenners and had 4 numbers two weeks on the trot. I just give them a little pay-out each before Xmas and its usually enough to get a couple of bottles. "This time next year Rodders we will be millionares"

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