Apple ID permanently attached to App Store, Help!

  bøz88 19:17 20 Jun 2018

I recently created an Apple ID under a non-pro gmail address for me to experiment and use. However, it was recently deactivated for non-security reasons (probably because they caught up to my obviously false address of 1 infinite loop). Now I cannot remove it from the Mac App store. I am running OS-X, and the "login into iTunes, click deactivate account" that I have seen recommended isn't working. I tried finding it in KeyChain access, no joy. I restarted my computer, and even logged in with a guest account, but I cannot void/disconnect/remove/get around that Apple ID. I created another Apple ID, but cannot use it to login to the Mac App store because my previous Apple ID is permanently in the fill bar. What should I do to remove this Apple ID to replace it with a working one? Thanks to all in advance

  bøz88 15:09 21 Jun 2018

by non-pro gmail I mean a secondary account

  wee eddie 17:17 21 Jun 2018

I would take it into an Apple Store and tell them what you have told us

  bremner 18:46 21 Jun 2018

On what type of device are you trying to do this, phone, iPad, computer?

  bøz88 20:01 21 Jun 2018

It is a macbook Pro. Most of what I could find online was for mobile devices and the iTunes store. Thanks.

  bremner 14:00 22 Jun 2018

Accounts are not attached to the App Store, you simply log in and log out.

Once in App Store chose 'Store" in the Menu and then "Sign Out"

Then do the same and pick "Sign In" - Although the previous login Apple ID will be there it can simply be deleted and an alternate one typed in, it will then ask for the associated password.

  bøz88 21:43 22 Jun 2018

Thank you bremner, that solved it! :)

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