Appearing files,lost time and invisible progs

  ceejer 20:49 07 Mar 2010

I have a Mesh Pc with a Athlon 2800+ Cpu and 2.5 Gb of ram. A few months ago the clock started to lose or gain time, I changed the onboard battery and had it looked at by a local shop. The problem continued and I was told the Dallas chip on the motherboard was faulty. As it was just the clock I didn't rush to change motherboards.

As well as the time I now have files appearing all over the system that I didn't create, most are called "Thumbs". Some have I think machine code titles, if I try to delete any of them I get a warning that they are system files. If I do delete them, when I return to the folder they have been recreated.

I have my webshots wallpaper set to cycle every 20 seconds and now some programs leave shadows until the next cycle. Some programs have become invisible when they run, and others crash on a cycle.Each cycle is like a refresh instead of happening in the background.
My speakers stopped working properly, when I tried to correct the calibration, Audigy 2 stopped working. When I removed it and reload it the system rebooted in safe mode. After much work I now have sound for BBC iplayer but, with games and music I just get shrieks and beeps.
And finally my Pc changes the date format its using so that when I upload my camera or phone it duplicates entries with the same date.

I have had Norton 360 running, I now have Norton Internet Security installed. I have scanned the Pc with various trusted security programmes, appart from the odd cookie they have all given my Pc a clean bill of health. Can all these problems be down to the Dallas chip or is something else wrong. I am concerned that as my files backed up to external hard drive have also got rogue folders, if I re-format my pc when I re install my files I will transfer the problem back to my Pc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't afford to replace parts on spec. Thanks in advance.

  MAJ 21:15 07 Mar 2010

"Thumbs" are indeed system files, they are normally hidden, you can hide them again in Folder Options, turn off the "View Hidden Folders" option.

  MAJ 21:20 07 Mar 2010

I would also uninstall your webshots wallpaper, see if it cures some of the problems.

  ceejer 21:59 07 Mar 2010

Thanks Maj turning off "view hidden folders" has got rid of some of the rogue files. Although there are still lots more, several of which are; text documents, bak files, empty folders, data files and various files that windows does not recognise.
The problem with the wallpaper is new but, I have had webshots on the system for several years. I therefore doubt if it is to blame but, I will see if it helps when next I am on the Pc in the morning.

I nearly forgot my system is also very slow it can take over ten minutes to start up even though all I have showing in the startup list is microsoft office shortcut bar and webshots. Also web pages can take minutes to load even though I have checked my speed and am getting 2 Mb/s which is what my virgin account is rated at. usually the new page appears and then I have a wait of several minutes before I can navigate around the new page or enter data in any fields.

  ceejer 22:02 07 Mar 2010

Thanks for any help especially Maj, but I am now going to be away from my computer until at least tomorrow.


  birdface 22:14 07 Mar 2010

Maybe update and run the free version of Malwarebytes to see if it finds any problems.

click here

  ceejer 18:01 08 Mar 2010

I have run an updated version of Malwarebytes. It took from 0830 this morning until now to run but, it found no problems. The speed the system is running at is one of the most frustrating problems along with the sound and the way the computer moves things into obscure folders that you need the search function to find.

I think that my only option maybe to upgrade the motherboard and therefore the cpu, ram and psu as well.

  ceejer 19:31 08 Mar 2010

I have tried removing webshots wallpaper to see if my "invisible" programs reappear but, even with the blue windows desktop they are still invisible. I know the programs' are running because sound plays normally and any pop up windows are still visible.

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