Apparent Hard Disk failure imminent

  spras 13:51 26 Jun 2013

My 4-year old Dell Studio laptop has recently being throwing up errors that it's hard disk is about to fail. It's failing the SMART test, which the BIOS tells me about, and then on boot windows does so again. I've run chkdsk across the drive and it shows no problem. Is there any further way of verifying that a catastrophic failure is indeed imminent?

The data is backed up. I ask becuase I'm on the cusp of buying a new laptop, which I was going to do in a month or so anyway but will have to bring forward if the HDD really is about to go under.

  Chronos the 2nd 14:47 26 Jun 2013

Download ,install and run this futuremark. If it shows errors then my advice would be to get a new HDD.

  spras 16:56 27 Jun 2013

Thanks for that tool. Very useful. It's showing the disk as bad, so a new one is in order. Although I'm having a slightly hard time understanding the information it actually shows and would like to be able to get some sort of indication whether this disk is going to go under in hours, days, weeks - although I suspect it's impossible to determine that with precision I wonder if anyone could tell me the significance of the problems

05 111 111 140 0000000002C6 Reallocated Sectors Count (marked as Red)

C5 198 198 __0 000000000069 Current Pending Sector Count (marked as Yellow)

Also are there any good guides out there on monitoring disk health on a more regular basis and interpreting the data these types of tools gives?

  Chronos the 2nd 18:11 27 Jun 2013

I have not come across any such software and I suspect you would need engineering qualifications to understand most of the data shown. If you know the make of your hdd then check on their website to see if they have tools, most do, not that the info will be easier to understand.

  onthelimit1 18:37 27 Jun 2013

'Also are there any good guides out there on monitoring disk health on a more regular basis'

I think that as soon as there are indications of it failing, the best option is to buy a new one and clone the old to it. Free tools from the drive manufactures and takes minutes.

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