APP store not working on MacOS X 10.14 Mojave

  Stefan Perovic 21:11 15 Jul 2018

so I install new MacOS Mojave on my MacBook Pro (did not do a clean install, upgraded from high Sierra) but app store doesn't work. I couldn't find anything online on how to fix it, and I cannot even look for update without it.

Since there is no official support for Mojave yet from Apple, I am hoping someone here can help.

I am attaching a full crash report with system statistics right here.

Also here are screenshots of how error looks: it cannot connect and then gives a crash.

Hopefully, someone here will be able to help with idea on what to do, I know I am an idiot upgrading laptop I work on to Beta software but hell, curiosity got better of me.

Any ideas are welcome, a just clean reinstall is out of the question ( I have nowhere to put files at this time and I cannot lose them) .

Thank you a lot for the help

App Crash

App not working

All the information about the system are in the code, but if needed I will post it here.

  bremner 21:28 15 Jul 2018

This is an initial beta so you must expect issues. You should log this from your feedback app to Apple

  Stefan Perovic 21:35 15 Jul 2018

@bremner I did that but I am not sure it is working, ap crashed like 15 times while uploading files and I got no response. Is there anything to be done on my own?

  bremner 22:09 15 Jul 2018

It is really difficult to personally diagnose the problems in beta software. I never run beta on my only drive. I run them on an external drive as a separate boot option, that way my day to day use is not compromised.

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