Apology to Gaz 25

  EmBeZzLeR 16:59 26 Apr 2003


I would just like to apologise for my post regarding Solution Computer Systems as it brought about needless, spiteful comments both from me and other members of this forum. My initial post was only meant to find out whether the company was genuine and if anyone in this forum had purchased from it.

I sincerely apologise and I hope I did not hurt your feelings or demoralise you in any way.


  Gaz 25 17:03 26 Apr 2003


  jeez 17:05 26 Apr 2003

I'm sure any comment's posted were true opinions of the people who visited the site, and as such the comment's of potential customers, constructive critiscism is essential for any company to improve itself, however, I didn't see the full range of comments of the thread, so don't know if it got out of hand. I posted early on this thread and certainly don't beleive any of my postings were inappropriate (given the title of the thread).

  Gaz 25 17:11 26 Apr 2003

I dont think the red colour of the site helped.

I posted this on another page:

Embezzler started a thread to see if anyone on PCA had bought a PC, unfortunatly the website is mainly for information only and not for selling PC online.
It seams that the post attracted very poor comments, and although I will continue to sell quality PC's, I think a website is a section which has to be thought about first, I rushed ahead and made a site which has attracted a few customers, but most PCA users are not impressed atall, some saying building PC's in your home with humidity is not good promotion, (Ever though of a dehumidifier, £99 from B & Q)

As I say, many happy customers with the PC's, as far as I am bothered the PC's are the important part not the website, there are far worse websites for other small companies, and some with none, so at least I have tried.

Also being no professional webdesigner can I produce exceptional websites, and to tell you the truth I have never heard such comments from anyone.

But anyway, the website is being redesigned fully now.

As tbh72 says, I am just learning my way into webdesign and done well considering I am young, and never even known much about websites.

But I think sticking to building rather than webdesign is a must. But I had a go at it.

Thanks, Gaz25

  jeez 17:17 26 Apr 2003

yes, Gaz exactly, as I said I didn't see the later stages of the thread so don't know if things got a little bad, but I'm sure you will agree genuine constructive criticism is a useful tool when starting a small business...

  Gaz 25 17:23 26 Apr 2003

I did not get to the bottom of why it was bad?

Ok, the few things about 7GHz processors, but use multi processors 2X 3.06 Intel P4 HT

gives 6GHz, but requires driver, OS and Motherboard that is specially designed.

  EmBeZzLeR 17:29 26 Apr 2003

Gaz 25 this is the kinda layout i was thinking of click here notice that the logo of the comp is alway on the top left with the menu bar below on the left. Plus i does not scroll much and the writing size is small but readable... base it on this or something similar to get a professional look...

I'm not an expert but that's the kinda thing i learnt from HCI.

  Gaz 25 17:49 26 Apr 2003


  Patr100 17:50 26 Apr 2003

I didn't see the later posts but my early comment in the thread was simply my concern about a number of directional links particularly at the bottom of some pages which didn't work (eg: "Back" "Home" ) and none of pictures seemed to load. Websites can often look a bit "ropey" during construction but prospective customers are highly likely to be put off by such things so I hope you will appreciate that you won't want to have anything that undermines confidence in the quality of any product or service you provide no matter how competent you may be in other areas. It's just good business and commmon sense.

Good luck with the reconstruction and PC building. You are certainly "having a go" so just need to work on the presentation side of things and I am sure that will bring in even more customers.

  Gaz 25 17:59 26 Apr 2003

The links do not work yet, first impressions first...

click here

It may still not load some images.

  Gaz 25 18:00 26 Apr 2003

The links do not work yet, first impressions first...

click here

I have gotta go now,

I will see my postings later for this.

Comments please?

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