apdproxy.exe ?

  Furkin 10:05 16 Jun 2010

Yesterday & today, at boot-up, I get a message saying that "apdproxy.exe hasn't loaded/booted/initiated".

I had no idea what this was, so googled it.
Although I do use Adobe PhotoShop etc, it 'seems' that the file isn't actually needed, & indeed 'could' be a trojan.
I have a couple of AV things running,,,, obviously nothing picked up by them.

There are a few adverts of "How to Get Rid" of it, but they entail downloading a 3rd party program, which I am loathe to do,,,, without asking on here first.

I did a simple search & found 2 copies. They look identical, being of 56kb and dated 06/06/2005 - 23:46.
[1] C:\adobe\photoshop album starter edition\3.0\Apps
C:\program files\adobe\photoshop album starter edition\3.0\Apps

Do I just delete 'em ?
If so, what's the best way ?


  T I M B O 10:28 16 Jun 2010
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:41 16 Jun 2010

You don't have a problem other than Adobe is trying to run at start up.

There are many programs that allow you to control our start up items but I prefer to use the tools section in Ccleaner click here as Cleaner also gets rid of all redundant files and is a safe registry cleaner as well.

  Furkin 07:14 18 Jun 2010

Cheers. That was the one program that I did try to search with,,,, and downloaded it to do so.
As I already have C.C I deleted it straight away.

I have had CC for a while. As you will know from these pages, some people recommend that you do whatever it tells you,,, whilst others state that more care is needed, so i've been a little shy about running it (or understanding) it fully.

Yesterday though I used it to remove apdproxy.exe from start-up, along with WinFax.

Winfax had always been there, but the message about apdproxy.exe only started a couple of days ago.

It seemed o.k this morning - another result.

I can get back to looking for a PSU now.

Thanks folks.

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