Apache and my website

  swapper 17:11 25 Jan 2006

I have installed Apache2, php and Mysql, o.k.
As I understand it, Apache is now my offline server?
When I open IE6 http://
localhost, the Apache default page opens, no problem.
How can I get my existing website to open rather that the Apache page, so that I can test etc?
or am I barking up the wrong tree?


  swapper 17:41 28 Jan 2006

Thanks FE, I think I am getting somewhere now.
The path that you told me to look for is not there.
To be sure of things I have uninstalled/reinstalled Apache.

It starts via C:\click here, MySQL, PhP, Perl etc, there is also a file called Webroot, this is the file that contains Index.hmtl, phpinfo.php, six apache images and a Stat folder.

I assumed that Apache loads from this folder, in fact I removed the Index.html from it to see if
this was true.and apache would not load the default page

I did as instructed, created a folder called "myweb" with the files of my web page within, and placed it into "Webroot", the result is that the default page will open for ...localhost, but ...localhost/myweb tells me that I am forbidden, I do not have permission.

Would this have anything to with the fact that I created my web page with Frontpage2003, which has
now been removed from my PC?

Tia and thanks :-)

  swapper 18:06 28 Jan 2006

Since my last post a few moments ago, I had a look at the index.hmtl file of my web page, it was not index.html but index.htm.
I changed the file to index.html and it now opens o.k.?

  swapper 05:47 29 Jan 2006


  Forum Editor 14:25 29 Jan 2006

Is all well?

  swapper 22:11 29 Jan 2006

Yes thank you FE, I can now get to the front page of my webpage, another giant step for..... me:-)

  Forum Editor 23:37 29 Jan 2006

No stopping you now.

  swapper 06:27 30 Jan 2006

:-) in my dreams............

I consider this resolved now thank you.

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