AOpen DUW 1608/ARR DVD-RW- CDs Fails Verify

  PaulB2005 11:13 30 Nov 2005

I've been archiving data using an AOpen DUW 1608/ARR DVD-RW to burn to DVD and all works well.

I tried to burn a couple of CDs over the last few days and have hit a problem. The CDs burn ok if i use less than 50% of the capacity (i.e. 350 Mb) but fail the verify when i use more than that.

For example: I have made 2 large (300 Mb) Zip files full of random files for testing. If i burn one zip file to CD all is well. If i burn both to a CD then when the disk is verifying after burning (Nero Express 6) it fails at the 52-54% mark with loads of Unreadable Sector Errors. If i put the CD into my DVD-ROM or another PC then file is damaged and can't be opened fully.

If i open the Zip file from the CD and run the "Test" command in WinZip then it gets part way through and then the CD just starts skipping back and forth as if the CD is unreadable (which it is!)

The original ZIP file on the hard drive passes the Test.

I'm using Sony 700 Mb CDs and this problem started recently - has been fine for 6 months.

Any ideas why the DVD-Writer doesn't burn properly past the 50% mark?
Going out now- will pick up another make of media to test.

  PaulB2005 14:49 30 Nov 2005

Flashed the drive to the lastest firmware. Thought it was going to work and suddenly at 75%

14:46:04 #39 SectorVerify 20 File Cdrdrv.cpp, Line 9998
Read errors from sector 225108 to 225109
14:46:07 #41 SectorVerify 21 File Cdrdrv.cpp, Line 9998
Read error at sector 225146

etc etc

Still with Sony CDs. Going to try different media.

  PaulB2005 14:57 30 Nov 2005

Trying to extract the data with IsoBuster and it gets to 74-75% and then almost stops copying...

Files are again still corrupt when tested with WinZip.

  PaulB2005 15:11 30 Nov 2005


Mates cheap TraxData CDs worked perfectly.

Do CD-Rs go off? I've had the Sony ones for about 6 months in a drawer. Basically it was 2 for 1 at supermarket and i bought loads. I'm halfway through the last 50 (30 left) and don't fancy junking 30 blank CDs!! I'll try one from the bottom. The first 10-15 were fine.

  PaulB2005 16:26 30 Nov 2005

Basially the Sonys won't work with the above mentioned Drive.

Howeve they have a 100% success record with my old <noname> CDRW in my old PC. So i'll use them for that.

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