AOpen CRW5224 Install problem

  accord 19:31 28 Aug 2003

Good evening

i have recently bought an AOpen CRW 5224 Internal CDRW for my father. it is a bare bones unit with no software etc etc and i am having trouble with it.

He is running a Dell P3 700 (i think) with 256MB ram, running Win ME. It is set up as slave with the standard CD Rom as master. ME recognises it is there but Easy CD Creator doesnt seem to want record to it.

What I need to know is what software I need to load in for ME to start playing ball. Am I right in thinking that I need the firmware program for it to work?

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.


  Barrie_G 19:52 28 Aug 2003

It will already have firmware don't attempt to flash the firmware before you have had it up and running first.

firstly cd-writers normally tend to be set as master, dont know if it will make much of a difference having it set as slave but you never know.

the software you will need to burn cd's will be something like nero, or easy cd-creator, most people tend to prefer nero, you should be able to get this from virtually any computer shop and prices for it vary wildly, from under £10 for an OEM version to around £30 for the retail version.

  accord 20:40 28 Aug 2003

cheers for that, i dont think my dad has installed any updated firmware, its a subject i think can get you in all sorts of trouble.

i havent set it as master coz he may want to copy cds from CD to CDRW.

Thanks anyway,

any more comments anyone???

the Retail version of the Crw 5224 comes bundled with Nero so it definitely works with that (i can testify) but check on the Roxio site for a patch for your version of easyCD as the 5224 is probably newer than the software.

  accord 21:47 28 Aug 2003


Roxio shows that it supports the said drive and downloaded the update for version 5. the drive was an oem version, should have gone for the retail instead. hey ho.

thanks anyway

just a thought but try reducing the speed at which EasyCd is trying to write to the drive,the 5224 uses 'Speed Step' technology and only goes at top speed if you hold the eject button for 7 seconds. but remember that the rewrite speed is 24x so keep it below that

  accord 06:38 29 Aug 2003

refresh for the morning crew.


  minter 08:11 29 Aug 2003

First set your cd-rw as master, then set your cd-rom as slave. Cd-rws do not like being second best, they give all sorts of problems.

After you have set your cd-rw to master make a folder on your HD and use this to copy from, your HD runs much faster than your cd-rom, also set your cd-rw to record at a slower speed than 52x, start off with about 4x and work your way up.

Because your cd-rw is 52x your existing cd-rom could be running too slow.

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