AOL/Wireless Router/Speedtouch/IP addresses

  Rockett 23:24 21 Jan 2006

Hi all,looking for some advice on this problem.....
I have set up my Speedtouch wireless router (from AOL) on my desktop pc with no problems.My laptop (Dell Inspiron) has wi-fi (Centrino) and works well with the office wireless network,but not here.When I try to connect it says Limited or No Connectivity and the signal strength is low,even in same room. I tried repair on the network properties and it deleted the IP addresses and now cannot renew them.
Not too sure what to try next!
Any advice would be most welcome.

  woodchip 23:38 21 Jan 2006

As you are thinking on the lines of Wireless, Just have a look at my post hear down at the bottom click here

  mgmcc 08:22 22 Jan 2006

<<< When I try to connect it says Limited or No Connectivity and the signal strength is low,even in same room. >>>

Have you actually "Connected" to your wireless network? In other words, have you run the wireless adapter's software, scanned for "Available Wireless Networks", found and highlighted the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and selected the option to "Connect" to it? Once "connected", the little icon will get its "halo" to indicate it is connected to that network and it should then get its correct IP address by DHCP from the router.

If you haven't gone through this routine, it is possible that your Centrino laptop has picked up a weak signal from a neighbour's Wireless Network and locked on to that. If the network has been'secured', as it should be, you will be unable to connect, won't get an IP address and Windows will default to allocating a "169.254" address. This will give the "Limited or No Connectivity" indication.

  Rockett 09:48 22 Jan 2006

Hi mgmcc
When I turn on the laptop and search for available wireless networks my pc finds two,one is the one I set up on AOL/Router and the other is called Linksys (could be a neighbour?).I can connect to the one I set up and it does connect,and says so, but with limited or no connectivity.When I try to repair the connection it does not renew the ip address and defaults to the 169.254 address.I do have my TCP/IP set to find an ip address and DNS automatically.
I will be in the office tomorrow and it will be interesting to see if the laptop finds the Netgear router there and connects to it.As for setting it up at home I am lost!

  mgmcc 11:01 22 Jan 2006

Is the router set to allocate IP addresses by DHCP? This would normally be enabled by default, but is probably worth checking.

  Rockett 11:29 22 Jan 2006

I'm not too sure how to check the settings of the router,it came with a AOL disk and it simply installed on my desktop pc.Should I check the settings for this on my laptop or on my desktop? The router works fine on it,it is the wireless aspect that has me stumped

  Rockett 12:41 23 Jan 2006

Hi mgmcc
Just a note to say the laptop is working fine in the office here,found the network no problem.It looks like the problem is with my router set up? On the laptop it is set to allocate address by DHCP (enabled).It seems that it is not receiving an IP address from the router and is defaulting to the Windows one.Am still stumped.I will have a go and trying to get at the router settings in the desktop pc tonight.
Thanks for the advice,been very helpful.

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