AOL/router prob

  wdhunt2004 16:28 08 Dec 2005

I have bought a thompson speedtouch 510 ADSL wired router/modem. This was the one that AOL recommended to me. I have installed the device and it works perfectly but only on one machine. My secondary computer which is NOT the main computer CAN access the web through the device fine, however my main computer cannot.

When you click the AOL link it goes through the following processes:

1.check and initialise Modem/DSL connection
2.Talk to host and request network connection
3.check password

For some reason my computer stalls on step 3 (password). I know the password is correct because it works on the other machine. I also know the connection is there and working fine again because i can connect on my other machine.

I also know that the ethernet cable is fine because it says i'm connected to LAN @ 100mb/s

Any ideas?

  keewaa 17:16 08 Dec 2005

AOL & router problem usually are the MTU setting within the router. Log into the router and decrease it to 1400 and see if it helps.

  Taff™ 05:34 09 Dec 2005

And your password has to be in full e.g. [email protected]

  Minkey1 10:11 09 Dec 2005

This may not be exactly the same issue but my brother installed the same router with AOL Gold and could not get both machines on the net simultaneously. Turned out they were using the same AOL screen name/pw on both, so when the second one logged on it logged off the first.

Choosing a new screen name for machine 2 solved it and they can now access the net at the same time. As Taff says, AOL do require specific formats for screen names and there's a lot of info on this via AOL Keyword:Networking.


  Jazzy James 14:52 09 Dec 2005

I think there's some confusion here...

Its the router which makes the connection to the internet.

Any computers within the LAN just request internet through the router - the PCs don't put in any adsl username's / passwords.

To connect to the internet, the connection should be through the LAN connection.

2 brief checks....

Check in the LAN properties that 'assign IP automatically' is checked.

Go to a dos prompt (start,run,cmd) and type ipconfig. See if there is an IP address after default gateway - there should be

  keewaa 14:01 10 Dec 2005

What are the essential settings for connecting to AOL? This is taken from the AOL help pages.

Connection Protocol: PPPoA
VPI: 0 Note that sometimes you will be asked for both figures together (VPI/VCI). In that instance, you enter them separated by a comma: 0,38
VCI: 38
Username: [email protected]
Password: youraolpassword

Please read these important guidelines about Screen Names and passwords used to configure a router to sign on to AOL.

Wireless Settings:
When configuring a wireless router, you may also be prompted for the following:

SSID: This is the 'name' of the router that you are using and is used by wireless adapters when they attempt to establish a connection.
WEP Key: The WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key is the equivalent of a password on your router. Depending on your setup, it may be necessary to define one of these and ensure that any wireless adapters that connect to the router have the same key in their settings.
Network Type: There are a number of possible choices available here, but, if the option is available, you should choose Base Station.
MTU Setting: MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) defines the largest data packet size you can transmit in one go across a network. The AOL network runs at an MTU of 1400. Many routers have inbuilt auto-configurations where the hardware identifies that the AOL traffic has an MTU of 1400 and dynamically adjusts. Alternatively you may have to manually change the MTU setting on the modem router. If the router hardware does not have this facility, the MTU setting can manually be changed on the computer to 1400.

You can change the MTU setting on your computer by using DrTCP. This is a free software utility that is a shortcut to editing your registry. This is available at: click here click here .
MRU Setting: MRU (Maximum Routing Unit) is required by some modem routers and should be set to the same value as the MTU of 1400.
MSS Setting: MSS (Maximum Segment Size) is required by some modem routers and dynamically adjusts the packet size to fit the MTU. It should be set to 1360.

Are there special requirements for the Screen Name I use to set up my home network?

Yes. The Screen Name you use for configuring your router to sign on to AOL must follow the following guidelines to avoid technical problems with your connection:

You must enter the full Screen Name in lower case
You must add after the Screen Name
The Screen Name must not contain any spaces
The Screen Name must have General (18+) access in
AOL Parental Controls (Mature Teen, Young Teen and
Kids Only Screen Names will not work for a router connection)

For example, if your current Screen Name is: FTG and HL24 The router setup for this Screen Name should be: [email protected]

We recommend that you create a new Screen Name for your router to connect to AOL. (If you use an existing Screen Name, then access AOL from a different location using that same Screen Name, your router will lose connection to the Internet.)

You can create a new Screen Name for this purpose at AOL Keyword:
Screen Names, making sure that it follows the above guidelines.

Setting up AOL to connect via a router on AOL 9.0

This article describes how to set up a router connection (using TCP/IP) on AOL version 9.0.

Step 1: Start AOL but do not sign on at this point. Instead, click Sign On Options on the AOL Sign-On screen.
Step 2: Click on Expert Setup.
Step 3: Click Add Location.
Step 4: Type a name for the location in the Location Name box -- for example, 'Router' -- then click Next.
Step 5: Choose Broadband (High-Speed, cable, DSL, or other ISP), then click Next.
Step 6: Tick Automatically reconnect me and ignore interruptions... then click Next.
Step 7: Select Automatic Connection, then click Next.
Step 8: Click Sign on to AOL now, then simply sign on to AOL as usual using any of your AOL Screen Names.

The next time you start the AOL software, you'll notice 'Router' (or whatever name you gave the location) is available as one of the options in the drop-down Location menu on the AOL Sign-On screen (see Step 1). This allows you to easily switch between using a router connection and a different connection (for example, a dial-up modem) if you wish.

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