AOL/Internet Explorer

  Stephjh 13:19 05 Jan 2004

Does anyone working with AOL know why I can get internet explorer with no problem, and my daughter with another sign on name can't?

  Djohn 13:29 05 Jan 2004

Is this from the same PC, but using a different username? Is your daughter minimising the AOL desktop to the taskbar before clicking on the IE Icon?

  Stephjh 13:35 05 Jan 2004

Thank you for responding to me, Yes it is the same pc, but a different username, I dont think minimise was pressed, but then I don't do that on mine either

  Djohn 13:59 05 Jan 2004

Hi Stephjh, I'm a little confused on this one. Once you log onto AOL, the AOL desktop will be on your screen. Although you can type any web address into the "Address bar" and access the www from here, to use Explorer or any other browser you will need to minimise the AOL desktop to the taskbar first, then bring up the browser of your choice.

There is the one possibility that with your username, you have set AOL to start already minimised to the taskbar, therefore not seeing it. if you have then all you will see is your normal desktop until you click on the IE Icon.

Try signing on with your daughters name and if the AOL desktop stays on-screen, click on the minimise button, [Top right of toolbar, the first of the three squares with a line along the bottom]

Once minimised to the taskbar, click on the "Explorer" Icon and the IE browser will open. Give this a try and let us know how you get on. If this does not answer your question please post back to this thread and we will try something else.

Regards. j.

  Stephjh 14:37 05 Jan 2004

tried as you suggested, but I am still getting cannot find server, all web addresses display this message.

  Big Elf 20:03 06 Jan 2004

Just wondering (as I do) whether there is a problem with your daughters AOL connection settings. Not having used AOL I have no idea what they should be though.

  Djohn 20:07 06 Jan 2004

In IE go to the toolbar and click on "File" and if there is a tick against "Work off line" remove it, see if that helps.

  Stephjh 20:16 06 Jan 2004

I checked the IE file and it isn't working offline.
Please could you advise me what I should be looking for in the aol settings?
Thanks again

  Andrew P 20:41 06 Jan 2004

...since I cancelled my subscription with them after 4 days two years ago! But from what I remember, you will need to sign into your daughters AOL account from within the AOL browser, and set the parental controls on her account to General (18+) in order to use external browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Hope it helps! :o)

  Stephjh 20:46 06 Jan 2004

I checked that and you are right, looking at help pages, I have to ask aol to allow these pages into hers, and they will apparently check out the site, and then decide.
Thanks everyone and bye.

  Djohn 20:59 06 Jan 2004

Well done Andrew P. I must admit that looking in parental controls would have been the last thing I would have thought of, because it would have been set by the "Master" screen-name in the first instance. :o(

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