aol won,t connect

  picklsey 18:09 06 Jun 2006

xp 9

hadto do a reinstall all went ok including the install of here,s the strange part when i started to download windows updates the first part (not the updates themself)i think it,s validation tools aol won,t connect i get a message saying aol needs to install files to get me connected it starts to run then stops.

been onto aol got nowhere the y think it,s a pc prob.

no prob connecting to the net with ie just aol.

any help please.

  picklsey 11:17 07 Jun 2006

any suggestions please

  rdave13 11:23 07 Jun 2006

Try going to add/remove in control panel and click remove on Aol connectivity service. Click the repair box. Do this while offline. When you next log on, Aol's software will search and re-setup the connection as original set up.

  feb 11:31 07 Jun 2006

Hi picklsey

are you on broadband? If so where did you get the drivers from?

If it was from an older disc they may have been updated or you may need the XPSP2 patch.

You say "AOL won't connect when you try to download updates"

Can or did you connect to AOL at any time after reinstalling?

  picklsey 11:43 07 Jun 2006

thanks for suggestion but it didn,t work thanks anyway.

feb yes on broadband got the drivers from an old cd which i used to set up another pc with no probs.also downloaded aol but just the same.

did get connected to aol after reinstall ran great it was when i started the windows updates the problem started as i said above not the security updates but all the stuff you have to go through before you get them.

could be i need the sp2 patch but when i try to get it it says it will install once i log on to aol which i can,t do. thanks for help.

  feb 11:59 07 Jun 2006

which modem do you have?

  rdave13 12:08 07 Jun 2006

Try start all progs AOL system information utilities clear cashe rebuild adapter. Again offline. Failing that then try an uninstall then reinstall and if you can log in then, you need to log out and wait for the updates to install automatically. Should happen about three times on subsiquent logoffs I think.

  picklsey 12:24 07 Jun 2006

feb using a router netgear can connect other pc to aol no problem.

Rdave13 tried all that a thousand times i think lol,got no where thanks for the suggestion though should have said but heads fried now sorry.

ok here,s what i,ve done installed aol 7 runs no problem going to have a hunt for aol 8 cd i hope i hav,nt thrown it out.

i have to go out for a while but if you,se can think of anything else please let me know and i will try again the mean time thanks for all the help offered so far.

  feb 12:48 07 Jun 2006

I'm assuming you have a good/excellent signal strength, so the next thing would be to check for spyware using Adaware, Spybot S&D and any other that you care to!

If you still can't connect try reinstalling AOL again, Without uninstalling the current version.(I know, but it sometimes works)

  picklsey 20:49 07 Jun 2006

connecting through ethernet cable just now and as i,ve said no problem connecting to the net using any other browser just can,t get aol to connect have done all the other suggestions you have made still getting no where.thanks for taking the time to trying to help me with up for the night.thanks again.

  rdave13 00:06 08 Jun 2006

Just one more suggestion, have you checked your firewall settings?

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