AOL won't connect

  Indigo 1 22:50 11 Jul 2004

I have just fitted a new PCI dial-up modem into a friends PC with Win XP Pro but AOL will no longer connect unless you click on the Internet Explorer icon.

If you click on the AOL icon it throws up an error message saying failed to connect due to bad connection and tells you to check the connection between modem and phone socket etc. and if this continues try logging off and back on again then re-starting AOL.

The error message comes up immediately without attemting to communicate with modem.

I am not familiar with AOL does anyone know where to change the settings in AOL 9.0 so that

  Cesar 09:39 12 Jul 2004

When you install AOL 9.0 an Icon is placed on your desktop "PC Check-Up", There is also another Check-Up "Broadband check-Up" first of all look in your start menu look under AOL and see if "AOL Broadband Check-Up" is listed if so run the programme, if it is not listed go to AOL Keyword "AOL Broadband Check-Up" run the programme and it will add it to your start menu and if you wish you can add a short cut to your desktop or Task Bar.

  Indigo 1 11:46 12 Jul 2004

Do you mean that AOL 9 is only for BroadBand then ?

They don't have BB yet, maybe that's the problem.

I was about to uninstall and re-install AOL but I am waiting for instuctions or advice.

  Shas 12:08 12 Jul 2004

No, AOL 9 is not only for broadband, but version 9 has been troublesome for lots of people. The computer check up should pick up any problems so you could give that a try. If you haven't found it yet, go to Safety > Computer Check Up, and sit back and let it go through it's paces. It will tell you of anything it finds wrong and ask if you want it to fix it.

  Indigo 1 15:20 13 Jul 2004

Thanks Shaz, I will give that a try.

Or preferably phone her 12 year old daughter and "talk her through it" if it's that simple.

  Shas 15:47 13 Jul 2004

Indigo 1, yes it is that simple and given that she's 12, she's probably explored and found it out for herself!

If not, it's as I said in my previous post, just go to Safety > Computer Check Up, (or the install may have placed a shortcut on the desktop, in which case click on that).

It then does it all, including shutting down and restarting the computer if it needs to, so tell her to just let it get on with it until it either tells her it's found nothing or that it has found problems and does she want it to fix them. Say yes, and it will do that as well and then possibly restart the computer again.

  Djohn 16:21 13 Jul 2004

As AOL is now able to connect to the net direct without going through it's own software, It may just be the settings of the modem that need checking. Also open properties of IE/general tab, check that AOL is the default connection.

  Diemmess 18:40 13 Jul 2004

I had a similar problem and identical error message after changing the modem.

Had lots of "fun" playing with expert setup in the sign on screen. Also used Aol Freephone helpline, but the advice there was "by the book" and not very helpful

Eventually got there "editing" the Home setup making sure the new modem had the correct com port allocated..........It seemed that the old modem drivers were somehow overriding the new, in spite of "removing" the old drivers when I removed the old card. Windows Hyperterminal proved that the new modem did actually function.

At the same time, I lost faith that there was any point in me uninstalling Aol and re-installing. that used to work for version 8 and earlier, but Aol seems to follow many Microsoft installations, so that if a file remains, it is not overwritten even if it is damaged or irrelevant.

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