aol will not unblock my line

  ann-net 16:23 02 Nov 2005

I finished my contract with aol August 18th , they gave me a migration code which was incorrect, I then was told to wait 10 days for my line to clear so I can go to BT broadband, I am still trying now. I have sent letters , e-mails and phoned the company.then just a couple of days ago they e-mailed me to say that I have broadband on my line but its not theirs, I just can't beleive it!!! they were my last server.
I have now contacted the conumers who told my to sent a registered letter to them and then take them to smalls cliams court. I don't want the hasstle but what else can i do?

  xania 16:59 02 Nov 2005

Suggest you post this on Consumerwatch Forum rather than this one. You never know - AOL might actually be looking and take it up themselves.

  Diemmess 16:59 02 Nov 2005

The bottom line is whether Aol have stopped charging you for their service? A check on your credit card a/c should show that. If they are still charging after your cancellation then that is the trail you must follow first of all.

I don't know how Aol can "block" your line deliberately or accidentally, as long as their software has been fully uninstalled.

Do not uninstall your Voyager BB modem, it should work just as well for any other ISP.

If you are absolutely sure you are no longer being charged by the month by Aol, then before trying a new ISP you must be sure all Aol software has gone.....Use Windows add/remove software to begin with. ...Then when that no longer shows an Aol program, do a Search for Aol and delete all you find. As a final step use CClean to rid you of last traces of orphaned files.

A final thought, Aol push McAfee as an anti malware extra. Unless you want to continue with that (I wouldn't) you might well uninstall McAfee as well, in case it is configured to work with Aol.

  johnnyrocker 17:08 02 Nov 2005

ask bt who the provider is (it is your line and they are obliged to tell you) as a first step, secondly if it proves to be aol (despite their claims) then take the issue to ofcom who will give aol a set number of days to resolve the issue, unless there are monies involved a smaal claims court will not (in my view) be of much use to you.


  sawest 17:09 02 Nov 2005

I think what ann-net means by blocking the line is that AOL will not release the line (ADSL) for the new ISP (BT).

AOL's (McAffee's) Anti-spyware is about as much use as a chocolate teapot - get rid! If she's running XP or 2000 then I'd suggest MS Anti-spyware, not only is it superior, but it's also free.

If I were ann-net, I would speak to BT, after all it's their hardware regardless of who is supplying ADSL, if they can't do anything directly, then they should be able to advise a course of action.

  sawest 17:11 02 Nov 2005

have a look here click here

  ann-net 14:02 08 Nov 2005

I spoke to BT but they will not help as they cannot contact aol directly, or tell me who is on my line. I have contacted ofcom but they haven't been much help to me

  kdt 18:22 08 Nov 2005

send recorded delivery letter to:carron smith, vice president, member services, AOL UK LTD, 80 HAMMERSMITH RD, LONDON W14 8UD. PHONE 020 7348 8000 FAX 020 7348 8002. also start firing emails to: aolpayment/broadbandprovuk/ukbillA
send copies to all pc magazines forum editors and tell in your letters/emails if matter not resolved in 7 days matter will go to court.see what happens.good luck...kdt

  ann-net 20:06 08 Nov 2005

Ok thanks! I will do that

  josie mayhem 20:45 08 Nov 2005

There is one other way that I know of, and that is not to pay your bt bill, and when they cut your line of, you will find that your line is cleared of any BB connection.

This happened to me when pipex wouldn't release my line, and I'd forgotten to pay bt (I found out the latter out when I phoned to ask why my line was dead) paid bill over the phone and my line was back working within the hour, but with no Broadband attached.

  ann-net 13:49 09 Nov 2005

Thanks but I pay direct debit. I need my phone line because my sister is ill , so I would be afraid to do that
thanks anyway

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