AOL!!! whats the problem?

  Egg McKane 15:16 03 Apr 2004

how comes everyone on here tends to hate AOL? I've been with them for a few years now on the £15.99 a month package & i cant say i've ever really had a problem with them, i even recommended them to my sister when she got a pc a few months back & shes more than happy with it. With all the things they offer like parental controls & email controls then i dont think it can be beaten! Or am i the only one to not have a problem with AOL?

  bremner 15:24 03 Apr 2004

So what did your sister do to upset you then ;-).

  bremner 15:27 03 Apr 2004

Really - I think AOL tries to take over the computer too much - and as a result causes conflicts. All i want from a browser is that it displays the web pages I want to see

  Egg McKane 15:37 03 Apr 2004

Well i've got an old pc thats slow & annoying but AOL has never really played any part of any crashes that have happened, by old i mean really old, motherboards dated as 97 & by slow i mean really slow, 400Mhz, but thats my problem! As for what my sister did to upset me well lets just say she was talking about BT!!

  Djohn 16:16 03 Apr 2004

Egg McKane. There is nothing wrong with AOL at all. It's a very good provider to be with but as bremner says, most people would prefer an ISP that is just a gateway to the internet.

AOL is different in the way it provides this gateway to the net, it also provides it's own content. You could log onto AOL and stay within their software, browsing their content without ever going out on to the internet by yourself via another browser.

In very basic terms, the internet is a made up of many thousands of computers connected together. The World Wide Web is a collection of documents/articles/information, that is available via the net.

The software provided by AOL is quite large and complex, therefore more likely to throw a wobbly now and then if something is slightly amiss. I think that a lot of the problems blamed on AOL are in fact due to PC's not being set up to their best or faults with IE6. [AOL uses IE6 to access the www].

I think the above two paragraph are correct and I have understood the workings of AOL and the internet as a whole. If not, someone with more understanding than myself will correct.

I was with AOL for almost three years, dial-up and broadband. With dial-up I never had any problems at all and was very happy to use the service. The last couple of months while on broadband, also due to AOL's policy of spam control did cause some problems and I decided to leave and try another ISP.

I have not regretted the change. The ISP I'm with at the moment is excellent but so was AOL bar the problem mentioned above. I still look back fondly on them with no hesitation in recommending them to anyone, especially now as they are allowing the use of other e-mail software/Networking and the ability to connect to the internet without even installing their software. j.

  Diemmess 18:26 03 Apr 2004

I could almost have written the same introduction as Egg McKane.

My experience has been almost totally with Aol after a brief unlovely brush with Compuserve as it then was...... a dramatically unfriendly easy means of spending lots of money with almost no reward.

I am not able to make a fair comparison with other ISPs, because I haven't tried them so I normally keep quiet at moments like this.

I have introduced 2 family and 2 friends, they use Aol still, and none of us has had any serious problem .......... It has to be one of the easiest to install, or even re-install if I have done something really stupid.
Freephone or online help is readily available, though seldom necessary unless some outside factor, like a dodgy modem has interfered.

I suspect that those most critical of Aol have either become used to something else, or have not been patient enough to run with a new set of rules.

Djohn's divorce was the result of trouble with Broadband. I don't have that option yet, though BT say my exchange will be converted by June 8.
.............. Now that might upset this Brand-loyal-slow-to-change-silverhead.

  Indigo 1 18:51 03 Apr 2004

When I tried AOL it was like having to ask permission to use my own PC.

There are too many restrictions and as already explained it will show you their content first and not allow you to browse unhindered.

It's a bit like riding a 1200 cc Harley Davidson restricted to 10mph, fitted with stabilizers and wearing waterwings and a full bouncy rubber suit while someone rides along each side keeping an eye on you. ;0P

  Graham ® 20:04 03 Apr 2004

I am with AOL Broadband. It failed to connect recently, and the fault was bounced back and forth between AOL and BT for 4 days. AOL eventually agreed to send a BT engineer to the house, at the risk of them having to pay a visit charge.

The engineer came, plugged his laptop in, and stroked his chin. 'I'm going to the exchange', he said, 'leave it switched on'.

Luckily, an exchange technician was already there on another job. Between them, the fault was located and repaired.

Now, none of this was down to AOL. And it didn't cost me anything in phone calls.

The new AOL 9, by the way, is brilliant.

  Djohn 20:09 03 Apr 2004

Must admit, I was very impressed with AOL 9. Did a lot of BETA testing on it and right from the start it was very stable. Good to look at as well! :o)

  Helen-267236 20:28 03 Apr 2004

Just a note to say I switched to AOL from Madasafish, who were useless and unreliable, a couple of years ago and have had no problem. I always log on through AOL, but then use internet explorer to browse. At no time have I noticed AOL trying to take over my PC!! Am wondering about broadband with AOL. Any advice?

  PUNKA 20:38 03 Apr 2004

Nothing is wrong with AOL ! each person has their preferences,like buying a car or computer for instance.Everybody has a list of what they look for in things they buy and personal preference, ease of use, and feeling comfortable with how they use it.This usually means that people stay within the parameters of what they like, (the comfort zone) if other people feel they are too penned in then move somewhere else, you are the customer, you buy what is good or suitable for your own needs.One thing is for sure though you would not use any other Forum would you ????

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