AOL Vs BT Broadband - Pls can you help

  wishtobwireless 17:47 28 Feb 2007

We had AOL up until BT moved the line for use of CCTV. To cut a long story short they re installed the line the next day, but in the process we lost AOL. I have been backwards and forwards between BT and AOL pressing line 1 then 2 etc now for two weeks. Aol have now told me today that it will now be a further 10 - 14 days to replace AOL on the line! BT Broadband said that they can install around 4 days.
Do you thinks I should be patient and wait for AOL or go for BT.. My question is asked purely as I understand it can be difficult to delete AOL, plus all other problems changing - Is this true?
Thanking you for help Dawn

how long have you been with aol? i think they have a 1year minimum contract so maybe you can't leave aol just yet.

  wishtobwireless 18:08 28 Feb 2007

Yes have been with them over a year, nearly three I think

the next thing to check is will aol release your mac, try asking bt first if they need it, not having it may slow up any migration. if bt have it or don't need it then it is a straight forward decision aol or bt personaly I would prefer BT cos I don't like aol but that would be up to you. if it will take weeks to get your mac or cost you money then stay with aol

  wishtobwireless 19:34 28 Feb 2007

Thanks for your help and forgive my total ignorance but what is mac?

  p;3 20:17 28 Feb 2007

in my view ,AOL v BT 'no contest'

BT ,in my opinion, wins ; I WAS with AOL and would not go back

  Fritzman 20:42 28 Feb 2007

MAC is Migration Access Code which you will need to leave your ISP. By law they must give it to you within five working days now. I've been with AOL over three years now and can't seem to fault them. Great service, great broadband and when i recently moved they changed me over to dial-up until BT could connect my ADSL box. No extra charges incurred. Best of luck. You may hint to them you might move to BT and see if there's anything they can do to keep you.

  FatboySlim71 22:43 28 Feb 2007

Ive been with AOL for 4 years and I cannot fault them, reliable fast connection, no download limit, plus the software is very user friendly compared to many others I have seen.

Many people complain about AOL but personally I cannot fault them.

  wishtobwireless 07:53 01 Mar 2007

I will call AOL today AGAIN!

  FatboySlim71 08:28 01 Mar 2007

wishtobwireless, you have said "I understand it can be difficult to delete AOL"

Its just as easy to delete AOL off of your computer as it is to uninstall/delete any other program, I know in the past when I have had problems with my AOL software and I have needed to uninstall it/re install it, that this is the case.

  SB23 08:35 01 Mar 2007

My vote would go to Aol.

I've been with them a little longer, but as FatboySlim71 has said, I can't fault them either.


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