AOL Vista

  phil46 19:30 18 Jun 2006

As usual AOL appear tobe sitting on there arse again as regards releasing a patch for Vista.
There going to loose a lot of customers if they don't do something.

  ade.h 19:43 18 Jun 2006

Maybe AOL expects its customers to wait - shock horror - for the full Vista release, rather than using what is, after all, a Beta and still some way from officially seeing the light of day. If you really want to use a Beta OS, don't expect to be able to use it with a large degree of everyday functionality.

  c0re 20:03 18 Jun 2006

Im sorry... but anybody who uses the AOL Browser with the AOL service seriously needs to ask themselves why they are trying the Vista Beta?

Anyone with that amount of computing experience would not choose to be subjected to AOL's such patronising Internet Providing service.

Anyway... tip

You do not have to use the AOL browser... just make a manual dialup connection as like dialup and put the dial up number as 0,38 (zero comma thirty eight).

[email protected]


And if you actually feel you need the AOL browser.. then don't install the Vista Beta as it is not fully prepared for such users.



  realist 21:53 18 Jun 2006

Yes, AOL users probably dislike the AOL browser. However, they continue to use the AOL service because they value its ease of use, relative stability, and uncapped downloads.

  gudgulf 22:39 18 Jun 2006

.....and all the content which my wife and kids enjoy and use.......but personallly I never use the AOL browser.

It gets minimised and I switch to Firefox.......I did use a direct dial connection but sinc my wife always opened and logged in to the AOL Browser I switched back.

And as for AOL and needs sorting.Soon.

My guess is that now the Beta is in public release enough people will be contacting AOL to get things in motion.

Anyone trying to connect using AOL will not get the benefit of the web updates available for the Vista Beta....which is a pity as it is looking good.

Far from perfect and a lot of applications seem to run slower....not to mention poor hardware support for things like printers etc.So still needs a lot of work.

But I use AOL so what do I know?

Thanks for the patronising advice cOre....but I will stick with AOL by choice.Vista can wait until it is fully sorted and all the DirectX 10 graphics hardware is released.

  feb 23:10 18 Jun 2006

To Quote c0re

"You do not have to use the AOL browser... just make a manual dialup connection as like dialup and put the dial up number as 0,38 (zero comma thirty eight).

AOL has had Broadband for a few years now and you do not even have to install the AOL software to connect to the Internet, so therefore they become a service provider the same as any other ISP. You do not have to use the AOL software, or view the AOL pages, but you have full access to the Internet, with no download limits and no caps on emails, try sending a 20MB file to someone and see if it gets delivered, I can!
Have you ever used AOL? If you did and had some problems, perhaps you should have asked here for some advice!!

  wolfie3000 02:16 19 Jun 2006

I love the aol browser i dont see why alot of people bash aol iv had no problems with them apart from live help.

The one thing i like about aols browser is the fact i dont need another program to check my mail and the carousel for my main bookmarks.

is there another browser that does all that?

  c0re 10:01 19 Jun 2006

AOL browser is just an awful drain on resources and too dominant.

I agree it's ok for people who dont have a clue... but for the more computer savvi user there is better ways to surf the net.

I cringe every time i go to my friends and they load the AOL browser its like :o NO!

Just use Internet Explorer or Firefox with webmail?



  c0re 10:03 19 Jun 2006

But AOL patronises you.

You cannot have Static IP's, Your kept in the dark regarding techinical problems, theres no Savvi community.

Just Sucks :P

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