ordep 13:13 29 May 2004

A pal of mine has AOL v9 (XP Home). He has successfully installed Zone Alarm.

He has d/l AVG but the password has never arrived. He has tried it 2 or 3 times but to no avail. Could it be that he has his security settings set to high somewhere?. In ZA its set to medium.

  Djohn 13:23 29 May 2004

Try turning off Zonealarm and download AVG again. He will come to no harm with the firewall turned off. It may also be due to the spam filters of AOL blocking the password e-mail from coming through.

They tend to put a temporary block on certain ISP's at times if there is a lot of mail coming through from them. If the AVG mail is coming via another ISP then this may be the reason.

  ste_bla 14:07 29 May 2004

Regester with a hotmail account then get them to send serial to that theres no need to d/load the setup file again.. once you got the serial no need to keep hotmail open as they never email you...

If aol has a spam filter try looking in the spam folder first..

  Cesar 09:51 30 May 2004

Have you tried AOL 9.0 Check-Up and fixit, also AOL 9.0 Comes with a free Firewall, go to Keyword and type MacAfee.

  pj123 12:40 30 May 2004

Just been to a friend who has AOL 9 and downloaded AVG. Installed with no problems. The serial number is still the same as in my previous posting. He also has Zonealarm set at the defaults.

  Djohn 14:45 30 May 2004

They are all different and should relate to the PC/e-mail address they were downloaded from.

  ordep 18:12 04 Jun 2004

The post seems to have been pulled now but, someone left a serial number for me to try, and that worked a treat.

Thanks one & all.

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