AOL users please note

  Forum Editor 07:35 11 Jan 2004

I receive many emails each day from forum members, and I try to reply to all of them (although I don't always succeed).

One problem of late has been that replies I send to some AOL email addresses are being bounced - presumably because the spam-filtering on the AOL servers identifies my address - [email protected] - as a potential spam source. So, if you've written to me and haven't received a response you know the reason.

  Forum Editor 10:54 11 Jan 2004

the AOL problem hasn't affected all mail to AOL - just to some users. I've also had the same problem with hotmail addresses, but in reverse. Forum users with hotmail addresses - particularly alpha-numerical ones - are often trapped by our own mail-server's spam filter. They go into quarantine, and I may not see them for a couple of days.

  gold 47 15:29 11 Jan 2004

If your running AOL go to Keyword mail control and you can turn off there antispam control if wish.

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