pa1916 10:09 28 Aug 2009

Why is the AOL USA site band to the UK doesn't matter what you type in it goes to the UK site.??

  bremner 11:03 28 Aug 2009

I have just typed in click here into the address bar and have gone straight into the US site.

It may be if you clear your cache and cookies you will get in

  provider 2 11:08 28 Aug 2009

Try some of these: click here

Home page link usually goes to AOL UK, though.

  feb 11:09 28 Aug 2009
  lotvic 12:14 28 Aug 2009

If you scroll right down to the bottom of aol uk page you can click on 'International' and then you get a list of the countries you can choose to go to.
Or here is link click here to go to that page to choose directly.

  pa1916 18:27 28 Aug 2009

Thanks brenner but this is what i get
click here
notice what it says.
thanks provider 2 i get the same message as above.
thanks feb but still unable to get THE AOL USA HOME PAGE.
THANKS lotvic but again i get the same meaasage as i have said above.

  rdave13 20:26 28 Aug 2009

Something's changed as it's knackered Deezer for me. Some songs are blocked with 'Sorry you don't have access to this track from your country of residence'. Worked OK a few weeks ago.

  lotvic 20:53 28 Aug 2009

Humour me, go to this page click here (which is and then leftclick on AOL France

Does the page come up in french with the url of www (mine does)

Now go back a page and leftclick on AOL USA you should have the url of www and be on USA home page (mine does)

What happens on your pc when you do this?

(I am using Firefox, XP SP3)

  pa1916 16:30 01 Sep 2009

Installed Firefox but the result is still the same
click on AOL America and i,m back to AOL UK?????

  pa1916 16:32 01 Sep 2009

Oh i've no problem with AOL Canada or AOL France.

  pa1916 17:21 01 Sep 2009

I can now get seems Firefox worked but didn't when i fist installed it??

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