AOL Update and BT Voyager 50 Modem

  Ironman556 09:59 08 Oct 2005

Hi, got a phone call last night from a friednd trying to update his AOL connections (requirement from AOL)

He successfully downloaded the drivers and new software, but the USB BT Voyager 50 modem seems to be stuck on the system. I've talked him through removing it from the Device Manager (there was a USB device hightlighted with a '?'). When he tries to uninstall the software from either add/remove or the new installation package which requires the old modem removing, an error message appears saying that it cannot read a file and cannot continue uninstallation.

I can't remember the exact error code now, but I searched google and found one site which suggested the problem is Windows Installer corrupted.

He's tried AOL, who are pretty much useless, and I can't find out anywhere how to manually remove the modem. To add complication he now can't connect to the internet weither. Any ideas? Thanks.

  feb 15:25 08 Oct 2005

Hi Ironman556

This update is a nightmare for a lot of people, if you explore the old driver files which he should have on a disc, you will find the "Doctor 100.exe" file, if you double click this it should finish uninstalling the old driver.

Or a system restore should get him back to where he was

  Ironman556 22:47 09 Oct 2005

Thanks... he's tried system restore... will suggest the doctor 100.exe to him tomorrow and let you know how i get on.

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