AOL trouble??

  j18psf 21:19 06 Feb 2005

My dad has just recieved his BB installation kit from AOL (512kbs).

After goin round to his house today to install it for him, and getting nowhere, the modem was not recognised by AOL 9.

I rang up AOL to see if they could help me sort this problem out and they told me that it was because his pc is more that 10 metres from the main telephone line into the house.

The trouble is he lives in a 3 story house and his pc is on the top floor whereas his main phoneline is right on the bottom floor ( roughly 20-25m away).

Has anyone else had this problem? How did u get around it?

If i install a wireless router for him, which one as ive heard AOL can be picky??

All help appreciated


  ton 22:02 06 Feb 2005

A friend had a similar problem, but it turned out to be an outside problem with the line, even though the phone was ok.

Would it be possible to try connecting nearer to the main line in?

  JIM 22:16 06 Feb 2005

i feel your not had quite the right answer/reply for your problem for Aol B/B.

Would like to know what your Win os is for your Aol B/B connection.

Take it your dad is on dial-up at this time,and his BT line is "enabled" for B/B connection.

Using a telephone extention cable for his dial-up?

Most important you have followed the instructions for the USB modem before you installed the Aol software.If in doubt take all out and start again.

One way to prove or disprove Aol's reply if modem is properley installed,is to setup your dads pc system right next to where the main phoneline box is.

There can be no arguement then that you can receive B/B if all else is setup properly and all hardware is in working order.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:21 06 Feb 2005

If you do opt for wireless router in the end AOL support these two only:

Thomson SpeedTouch 580 Wireless ADSL Router
Netgear DG834G 54G Wireless ADSL Router

  ton 22:30 06 Feb 2005

The answer from AOL is a standard answer in such cases. You really need to prove that the PC and the line are ok before spending on a router, and anyway, the router will still need the signal from the line.

  pk470 23:01 06 Feb 2005

You can do a manual install using the expert add
on the AOL install menu,which USB port are you using? AOL modems i found in my case work better
using the pc USB sockets not a USB card or a hub that is not powered up as AOL modems are power heavy.

  joethebow 00:19 07 Feb 2005

Well, my AOL modem is on the end of a 10 mtr extension lead, in fact it has 2 joiners in it and I have no problem connecting. I feel it could be the USB drivers. Did you install these before you plugged the modem into the PC? If not that's the problem.

Go to add/remove programmes and delete anything to do with the modem, I presume it's a BT Speedtouch. Also delete anything to do with AOL.

Make sure the modem is not connected and start the installation again. Do not connect the modem untill the system asks for it.

If you don't want to sit through those long winded connection instructions you can browse the CD, install the Modem drivers then AOL 9, saves a lot of time. I don't believe it is anything to do with the length of cable. After all how long is the cable outside the block of flats? If it was that then no flat dweller could ever use AOL now could they?

  ton 03:22 07 Feb 2005

Try installing the modem in safe mode.

  picklsey 05:32 07 Feb 2005

i,m on aol and if i use a normal extension cable i can,t connect i had to get a rj11 cable and never had a problem since.also if your dad has sky make sure the filter is the first one in on the bt socket or disconnect sky from the phone line.

  plsndrs3 08:42 07 Feb 2005

I agree that the 10 meter rule is just a standard answer. I had a similar problem - BT socket just inside the front door, computer in bedroom almost diagonally opposite and well over 10m. I tried everything to get online & the helpline wasn't much help. Went to but a new HDD from my friendly local PC store & spoke to them about this and they told me that they could see no reason for the distance being a problem.

I purchased a 30M cable, went home & plugged it in - still same problem. Went through everything - in the end the was the sky connection proving the problem. Disconnected Sky & connected 1st time on AOL - apparantly there is a known issue with Sky keeping one 'band' open on the phone line in error and some modems don't like this. Reconnected Sky and no problems yet as the filters seem to resolve the problem!



  j18psf 12:50 07 Feb 2005

thanks for all the tips

My dads pc has xp and meets all of the requirements that AOL ask for.

I have just been told by my dad that there was a problem with his BT line, prior to ordering BB, in that BT had his phone line running of a dax (guessing thats the spelling) this splits a phoneline between 2 houses meaning that if 1 house got BB the other would get it free.

BT said that they have sorted this problem and that it is BB enabled however do you think this could be the cause of the problem as many of you say your PC is more than 10m away from main line.

Ill try moving it next to the main line to test if AOL are correct.


Ill keep you posted


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