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  Dotty100 01:31 09 Sep 2003

When I set my stationery on aol in the emails I can see it on my screen.When I send these emails to my friend she cannot see the stationery.I cannot see the stationery either if i send them to myself.The actual message sayscannot display some embedded mail images.This is a minor problem but annoying if anyone knows an answer would be grateful.

  Djohn 01:35 09 Sep 2003

which version of AOL are you both using?

  Dotty100 01:46 09 Sep 2003

We are both using aol 8

  Djohn 01:56 09 Sep 2003

I think if you are using the "Fun email" settings from the "write" email window, then some of these are not yet Fully working.

Have you tried from the toolbar, select settings, then preferences, then AOL expressions. From the window that appears, choose "Change email settings" from there you will have the choice of about 7 backgrounds. Try one of those and send yourself a test mail, see if it works.

If not, please post back and I, or one of the many other users of AOL will try to help further. j.

  Djohn 02:33 09 Sep 2003

Go to "Keyword" and type [Stationery] in the box. From there you can choose your background, click on apply, then save. It will work from there. I have just tried several different backgrounds, and all work in an e-mail I sent to myself. Regards. j.

  Dotty100 10:51 09 Sep 2003

This is still not working I think it might be a setting somewhere else on pc.But thanks for trying.

  Djohn 11:54 09 Sep 2003

If you wish, send me an e-mail via the yellow envelope next to my name. This will give me your email address, but not show up in the forum, just make it a test mail.

I will rely direct to you using coloured stationery, it should appear at your end, if not, then we can start to think about settings of your PC, but it's strange that two of you are having the same problem. I feel sure it is down to the method being used to set up the mail. Regards. j.

  Dotty100 18:14 10 Sep 2003

Thanks for all your help I have not replied sooner as my pc went right down the drive had to be fdisk and reformatted.I can see the wallpaper when I send an email now I have to still check with my friend as only just been restored

  Djohn 18:25 10 Sep 2003

Your welcome. From the setting I gave in my post at, Tue. 02:33, you should have access to a couple of dozen e-mail backgrounds. If you visit the "US" AOL site there are a couple of hundred to choose from, same applies to desktops and Buddy Icons. All will work with the UK version. Regards. j.

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