AOL starting on boot-up

  frankieman 21:20 14 Apr 2003

I have a problem with AOL always starting up by itself whenever I boot up my system...
I have gone into Start Up to delete it their hoping that would solve it but it doesn't???

  powerless 21:28 14 Apr 2003

Start > Run > Copy and Paste:


Click "ok"

Then click "Startup" and remove the tick from AOL...

Then click "ok" and that wills top it from starting.

  frankieman 21:47 14 Apr 2003

Tried MSCONFIG through START RUN, there is no AOL
to be found in start up to uncheck??

  powerless 21:50 14 Apr 2003

It may not be shown as AOL.

Look carefully on the right and you'll see the path of the startup items if you see AOL then it is probably that is the one you want.

Also you can probably disable startup in AOL itself. But as i do not have i do not know where.

  frankieman 21:55 14 Apr 2003

Still no joy with that either but thanks anyway for trying!!!

  yonex24562 22:49 14 Apr 2003

Look down at the right hand side of your taskbar, there should be an AOL icon. Right click on there and a menu will appear. Somewhere in the menu there will be a choice to stop AOL from starting as soon as it senses that there is a connection that it can use. I would have got the exact route for you but I am no longer on AOL.I looked up this route for my brother-in-law last year as he had the same problem. Hope this helps, cheers

  Djohn 00:26 15 Apr 2003

Do as yonex24562 says, if you have an Icon in the task bar, (Lower right, near clock) right click, and choose exit.

Then you need to minimise AOL to taskbar, (If running), and go to IE. (Internet explorer), right click and choose "properties".

If you are using Win XP, then go control panel/Network or internet connections, and click on, set up new, or change internet connections.

This will open IE for you, click on the "Connections" tab, and then in the little round buttons, choose, "Never dial a connection".

Click your way back out and this will sort it for you. Regards. J.

  Djohn 00:28 15 Apr 2003

Sorry forgot to say, this will then only dial when you click on your AOL Icon to do so. J.

  Mango Grummit 09:20 15 Apr 2003

Are you sure that you do not have a programme that seeks an internet connection on startup? If you have this would dial up your ISP on bootup. Have you installed something lately? When did this problem begin?

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