Aol Spyware

  micklemouse 08:45 07 Jul 2005

having reformatted my computer and reinstalling AOL 9, now if I try to run their spyware program it keeps freezeing up on me. If I try to run it from thier website I get a nasty little message pop up saying,

"non e presente alcun file di linguaggio!"

then my computer freezes and i can't move the mouse at all, not even control alt delete works. So i have to turn the computer off on the CPU. Not doing the system much good as you can guess. The aol team have tried helping but they have no idea really and so I've turned to you lot!

Is aol spyware worth all this hassle anyway or should I stick to adaware and spybot?

  mattyc_92 09:01 07 Jul 2005

I can't stand the AOL software, thus I use my Modem to connect to the net (used to do this a while ago as well, but since the upgrade speeds, I started to use the software until Djohn told me I can still use my modem as I used to)

I have the AOL software installed, but only use it for changing my password and/or AOL Keywords.

  gudgulf 09:07 07 Jul 2005

Personally I don't use AOLs antispyware is slow to scan the computer and it has a habit of picking up some of Spybot S&Ds "Immunised" items as spyware.

I have MS Antispyware (Well actually the GIANT original),Spybot S&D (using the Immunise feature+hosts file) and SpywareBlaster as my main Spyware defense.I have Adaware and a2 on my system as well, but these are rarely run these days as very little spyware ever makes it on to my system.

Having rubbished the AOL antispyware program I should say that at least they have one. And for a lot of people on AOL that is probably the only such program they know about.I guess they deserve a pat on the back for doing something about spyware......but I still wouldn't use it if I were you,lol.

  micklemouse 10:28 07 Jul 2005

thanks to you both; maybe I will turn to adaware and spybot as well but I'm still worried about the italian message which popped up on the aol spyware program, non e presente alcun file di linguaggio , which roughly translates as "not shown in a different language". Do I have a bug on my computer now?

  gudgulf 13:18 07 Jul 2005

Uninstall AOL antispyware from Add/Remove Programs and see if that message dissapears.I'd only worry if it shows up after you have done that.

I assume you've scanned with Adaware and Spybot?

  micklemouse 16:14 07 Jul 2005

more problems I'm afraid, I've just run a scan for critical updates on the Microsoft updates webpage and lo and behold my computer froze up again. It seems I can't scan now for anything without a freeze-up

Please help!

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