Aol Software updates!

  STEVE71163 16:10 04 Apr 2003

As some of you may have seen from my earlier threads this week i was having horendus problems with my broadband connection and aol 8 (Gm copy) and in the end i had to re format my hard drive to get rid of any traces of it and re install everything including aol 7 which now works fine :o) When aol upgrade to aol 8 in a few weeks will i still be able to use 7 as this works much better with my system? Aol technical support kept saying it was my chipset that was the problem but it does seem strange that it has now sorted it out with a re format.

  Djohn 16:28 04 Apr 2003

AOL 7 will still be on your PC and work fine as a separate ISP connection, and will run alongside version 8 with no problems at all.

Your user name and password will remain the same as well. J.

  he he :-)™ 16:34 04 Apr 2003

When you downloaded AOL 8 you were warned that it was beta software and will have bugs. Even though it's a gm release it is still in the testing stage with a few bugs.

  STEVE71163 16:34 04 Apr 2003

Thanks for replying Djohn. I will probably just leave 7 on my system as all the problems it has caused this week with 8 i dont think i will take the chance again.

  STEVE71163 16:43 04 Apr 2003

Thanks for replying he he :-). Yes your right it did warn me so i have only got myself to blame i guess. I hope thats a warning to others that if you need your pc as i do for business dont download any beta software unless your willing to spend hours putting it right if it does not run correctly.

  Mango Grummit 16:56 04 Apr 2003

V8 is not ready yet in the UK. Suggest you stay away from it until it is!! But your choice.

I speak as someone who used to Beta Test for AOL in the days when they gave (varying) months FOC internet connection in exchange for our efforts.

Now they are getting the testing done by FOC volunteers it will take a little longer for it to be available in the UK. I suppose their thinking is if something is worth nothing then it must be double checked then checked again. Mind they are all at it now, even Microsoft. Please NOTE: no disrespect intended here to anyone who has the time or inclination to provide their services for nothing.

But never-the-less, stick with them because they really do try to be the best.... look at todays news! By Mid This Month all AOL customers (I refuse to use the words "guests.members" etc) will have all e-mail and attachments virus/trojan checked. Any other ISP doing that?

Well next week now there will be others of course...LOL.

  Mango Grummit 16:59 04 Apr 2003

AOL rocks! It has merely become unfashionable to admit you like it. Same thing with Win ME .. LOL.

  he he :-)™ 17:00 04 Apr 2003

Yes as I don't use my home system for work there is nothing improtand on here so I can re-format at any time but if you do use it for work I suggest before downloading beta sofware backup all improtant information.

  STEVE71163 17:02 04 Apr 2003

Thanks for replying. No i would not use anyone else for my connection as generally i think they are excellent. The problems i had were my fault for downloading beta software.

  Djohn 17:17 04 Apr 2003

Stick with it, you are correct, it is an excellent ISP, getting better all the time.

Version 8 will soon be on release, and you will be very pleased with it, new interface, and many, many more features.

Last Sunday I needed to be on-line for most of the day, when I logged off, I had been on for 18 hours. Excepting B/B, which other ISP will allow this?

The new email facilities will also surprise you. J.

  Mango Grummit 17:21 04 Apr 2003

Fair enough, I'm with you :o)

he he ... is it true what I heard in Craig's place?

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