AOL Silver and Wireless Networking

  ableddyn 20:10 27 Dec 2004

Is it possible to share AOL Silver if I use a wireless modem/router such as a Netgear DG834G? I don't need 2 different screen names to be online at the same time, just 2 PC's to use the same connection. In other words can 2 or more PC's share 1 screen name?

Please help as I am somewhat confused about this.
Many thanks.

  TomJerry 20:24 27 Dec 2004

Netgear DG834G is good product for your purpose. It acts as a gateway between you and AOL. As far as AOL is concerned, it only sees one user (which is Netgear DG834G), it does not care or know what behind it (one PC or 20 PCs all fine).

  ableddyn 19:10 29 Dec 2004

Tomjerry, thanks for putting me straight on this. That is good news as I would prefer to use AOL as it is unlimited.
I look forward to getting Broadband!

Best wishes and a Happy New Year!


  TheGnome 19:17 30 Dec 2004

I am about to try to set up a network of two PCs, and so far have found out that AOL say that you must have at least Gold for wireless networking, and they do not support Silver for this purpose. Does anyone know if I have to fit a card of some sort into a PCI slot in my PC or can I simply replace my USB external modem with a router? I asked AOL this question, but the last Chatagent I spoke to was more concerned with getting me to upgrade to Gold!

  TomJerry 22:23 30 Dec 2004

(1) wireless router with adsl modem build-in

(2) wireless adaptor for each of your PC either PCI type of usb type

you can get all from broadbandbuyer

suggestion for you

D-Link DSL-G604T 54Mbp Wireless ADSL Router w/DWL-G122 USB Adapter £76.71 click here

Belkin F5D7000uk 54Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter £22.32 click here

Of course, they want you pay more, but the choice is yours

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:09 31 Dec 2004

Two months ago I got AOL platinum broadband and the Netgear wireless router you quote. Have no problems. AOL have good support to use this router, look in their help (Keyword-Broadband). Look at wireless networks sectin of this help, they give full detail of how to configure the router, set up your wireless adapters and then set the PC's to access BB via the router.

  TheGnome 17:23 15 Jan 2005

Thank you TomJerry,
Sorry I've been a while replying, but what with Christmas, and having just done a clean re-install on my PC, I haven't had the time. Since my original posting I have been told by AOL that I do not need an ethernet card, and also by another "Chatagent" that I do!! I thought I could replace my existing external modem (connected via a USB port)with a combined router/modem, and use a wireless adaptor in each PC's USB port, but I am now told that I must have an ethernet card in each PC! What's a chap to do?!!

  TomJerry 21:55 15 Jan 2005

but, you need at least one PC with Ethernet connection because many routers required to be set up via wired connection. So when you first setup router, you need to do it by linking it to a PC via ethernet connection.

If you do not want to open up PC to insert an PCI ethernet card (it is easy thing to do), you can get a usb based ethernet adaptor: Dynamode USB 10/100 Rj45 Adapter £6.96 click here

  TheGnome 16:11 16 Jan 2005

Thanks TomJerry, I'm not averse to opening up the PC, having done it before to install various components, but I'm a bit puzzled as to why I need a wired router. At the moment I am using an external modem (BT Voyager 105) through a USB port, so I can't see why I can't similarly connect a router with combined modem. Am I missing the point somewhere?

  TomJerry 21:18 16 Jan 2005

because all routers use ethernet connection

wireless router got wired connection ports as well, for example D-Link DSL-G604T has 4 ports for wired connections

as I pointed out above, you need to set up router (i.e. enter your isp usename and password etc and your wireless client details) and most routers NEED wired connection for setup although some can be setup wirelessly. Basically, if you do not have connection, how do you set up connection.

Just repeat myself, the following will do you nicely

D-Link DSL-G604T 54Mbp Wireless ADSL Router w/DWL-G122 USB Adapter £77.02 click here

USB adaptor come in bundle, you can use it for remote PC. You can sit the router next to your main PC and connect to it via ethernet port, here is pci network card: Dynamode NC-100TX-R 10/100 PCI Adapter £3.76 click here

  TheGnome 11:32 18 Jan 2005

Thanks for the info, Tomjerry. I'll give it go and see what happens.

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