Aol Silver afficionados?

  Diemmess 09:25 08 Mar 2006

Have been using Aol BB for 18 months
Originally Gold, I downgraded to Silver when its speed doubled to 500K.

Since then Silver has doubled again(for ordinary mortals) but not me!

Live Help assured me that I am on 1000K now, but the "About Aol.. and press Control + Y" shows still only the high end of 400K

The 0870 tech agent said reinistall the Voyager drivers WHILE ONLINE.

I have tried that as well as offline, uninstall/reinstall, and every other which way..... still on 448000 at best.

The Voyager 105 status, gives me a green light for just over 2G so the background is in place.
Has anyone shared this sort of carry-on and found a solution?

  Diemmess 15:16 08 Mar 2006


  micklemouse 16:10 08 Mar 2006

You've got me worried now. I too have AOL Silver broadband, and when I put the mouse over the green arrows of the Voyager 105 status icon, I see the figures Tx: 288kbs and Rx: 1152kbs. Is this what it's supposed to be reading? My computer has been chugging along (just) of late..

  stlucia 16:38 08 Mar 2006

I'm on AOL gold, with a Voyager 100 modem. My figures are also 288 and 1152 when I hover over the arrows. That's the same as they were when I was temporarily on a slower connection due to driver problems, so I presume they simply mean that's what the modem can achieve -- not what connection you're actually on.

  wobblymike 16:39 08 Mar 2006

Guys - hope this helps
I have just helped a neighbour to fix exactly this problem - although not with AOL, he had been upgraded to 1MB but was still only getting a downstream speed of 512K. On his system his sky tv plugged into his telephone line via an extension socket in the living room - by fitting an adsl filter to this we fixed his broadband speed problem.

  Diemmess 17:32 08 Mar 2006

I never was any good at "putting and taking away" anyway but- 8bits = 1byte. A baud is possibly the same as a a bit or as a hexadecimal
character.........Whatever! I think I am not alone in being sold a figure which looks a lot more impressive than it is!

Have tried more probing around including removing Voyager 105 software and doing a "New" install. At least that disposed of the problems following Aol-India's advice to install dowloaded drivers while online.

So today I had another 0870 call for about 10 minutes with an agent who got me to download and run a familiar speed checker. (A bit difficult to type in the "ftp" when his phoenetics were fine-tin-Peter)

He was convinced that I was getting the full 1Gbps not half that! Arithmetic time again.
(Michelmouse)- my figures are Tx 288 Rx 2272

To simplify for others--- a basic home test.

From signed in, choose Help from the top line.
Choose About Aol
Type Control+Y and ..... lucky me I get 450502.
My daughter (on Gold) gets 729844 only, and I've yet to ask my son after work for the clincher, because he is on Silver too and I expect his result will be close to mine.

My apology for upsetting anyone it may all be down to how we interpret the numbers.

  Angry Kid 19:19 08 Mar 2006

I am running AOL Gold and have just done the Control +"Y" thing and got 755470.

Angry ;)

  SLAYER 19:32 08 Mar 2006

I followed the diemmess basic home test,when I click on the about AOL I just get a list of patents and stuff.nowhere to type control+y.What am I doing wrong folks.

  SLAYER 19:33 08 Mar 2006


  Diemmess 19:46 08 Mar 2006

Angry Kid your "Control + Y thing" more or less corresponds with my daughter's Gold at < 800k

My son on Silver was very close to me at 450K just.

It seems I should just have trusted Aol to have upgraded me automatically, but honestly which numbers do you have to believe.

I'm sold a 1G connection presumbably bps, but in the end the rate of downloading a file is usually between 61 and 68 per second.
That is what gives me difficulty in connecting the figures to the vaunted 1G

  Diemmess 20:06 08 Mar 2006

Act of faith!
With "About Aol" showing, you don't type it anywhere except the Control+Y command on your keyboard and Lo.... it appears on top as another little window... Magic, but don't tell anyone!

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