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  MAC 08:08 29 Sep 2004

It appears this question has already been asked however the link is broken between the search box and the web page displaying the answer.

A friend has asked me to format his hard drive and reinstall Windows and his applications.

I know he uses AOL to access the Internet and for e-mails which I have no experience of using. I am confident backing up Internet and e-mail settings and dbx files using Outlook Express or Internet Explorer but need to know before I start where are the settings, address book and messages stored in the AOL equivalent?

Thank you as always to those who respond.

  The Spires 08:42 29 Sep 2004

Mine are in C:\Documents and Settins\My Name\Local Settings\Application Data.

They may be hidden.

  Diemmess 09:08 29 Sep 2004

I am only familiar with Aol, and if faced with your problem I would:

Find in the Aol folder, the sub folder Organize and copy that to somewhere safe.

Also find Aol Download and save its contents too.

The new installation offers to setup your existing account on this computer, OK that.

Assuming the modem is already installed then Aol will do the rest. Just follow the prompts and give the master screen name when asked.
Obviously you will need the password but not straight away.

When all seems to be up and running, then close Aol and from My Computer find the Organize folder and rename it (for the present say old-organize) Then copy the backed up sub folder in.

Then do the same with the contents of the backed up Aol Download.

Try opening Aol again and if all is well you should find your email and downloads as you last saw them before re-formatting.

Finally you can delete the renamed "old-organize" just to keep the place tidy.

  Diemmess 09:15 29 Sep 2004

because it is wiser to have an alternative plan, if you can use the present Aol connection before formatting, try their Keyword Live Help.

Tell the "agent" you want to know which folders to save.............I hope he says what I said!

  Muzzsjm 00:23 15 Oct 2004

Go into the AOL system information and look for the button called Data Folder I believe. They will have a copy of the PFC/Address Book/Email settings if your using AOL 9.0.

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