Aol and sending pictures

  nick_j007 15:25 01 Nov 2004


A neighbour uses AOL, and was asking me the best way to send pictures. I showed them how simple it is when using O.E. as it compresses them for you...can AOL do this for you before sending out say ten jpegs at 3MB each?
They were trying to send 40, but this of course crashed in the process.

If they need to compress them fist what is the best utility or method of sending pictures for them please.



  hugh-265156 16:14 01 Nov 2004

instead of emailing lots of photos why not sign up for a free account click here upload to your album and just give the address out to friends and they can view and download or print out what they want.

  nick_j007 16:18 01 Nov 2004

Thanks Huggy.

I'll pass that on now.


  stlucia 16:43 01 Nov 2004

But to answer your initial question: If you attach more than one photo (or any attachment) to an AOL email it automatically combines them into a zip file which, I presume, is compressed. Or at least that's the way it works on mine. What I'm not sure about is how it gets unzipped at the other end if they're not an AOL user -- I must try sending one to work some day to see how it arrives!

  nick_j007 16:45 01 Nov 2004

Hmm interesting.

Thanks for that, I shall pass it on.


  fly2hi 19:27 01 Nov 2004

I've yet to work out wether AOL has a limit on the file size. More often than not it's the receiving ISP that rejects the large file, especially Hotmail. I've reverted to sending multiple emails with a few pics attached to each.
More than one pic will always get zipped. I haven't had anyone complain that they couldn't unzip at the other end.

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