AOL regisration.

  al 15:02 29 Dec 2003

AOL. tell me that I cant connect with them because I have an E:\ problem with my computer.
Can anyone help me. Al

  bremner 15:06 29 Dec 2003

What is your e drive - is it a hard drive or a CD/DVD drive - and how can AOL tell?

  bremner 16:10 29 Dec 2003

By e mail from al

"Thanks Bremner. My collegue registered with aol giving them all details, bank
a/c the lot. They gave her a password and an address. But when she tried to
connect, she was not able to. She rang aol and was told that she had a E:problem, and that they could not connect.
It seems strange to me.
Because of your reply it has prompted me to think that she have given E:\ drive
as the drive for her aol instead of C:\ drive.
I will call her now and ask her. Thanks again. Al."

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