AOL Radio

  graham√ 14:39 18 Oct 2003

I find this new feature 'just the job'. They'll all be wanting AOL now!

  graham√ 16:56 18 Oct 2003

Classic Rock for me.

  ton 18:01 18 Oct 2003

Have you had this working with Win98SE? I've tried twice and it just hangs at loading stations.

  ton 20:31 18 Oct 2003

Obviously (or maybe not so) a problem with my 98SE settings. I just tried it on my XP partition and it loaded quickly and worked straight away. At least I now know how it should load when I try 98SE again. That is if I can tear myself away ---it is very good ! (Classic Rock at the moment)

  dagbladet 20:50 18 Oct 2003

Where is the radio ? I can't find it.

  graham√ 20:58 18 Oct 2003

AOL Broadband Welcome screen, top right.

  dagbladet 21:03 18 Oct 2003

Ahhhh that new fangled broadband. I'll get me coat!

  ton 03:02 19 Oct 2003

Still a problem with the radio on 98SE. I found that it did eventually load after about 4 minutes and sometimes work. It seems like a confict but I don't know what with. It works great on the XP partition.

  ton 13:42 19 Oct 2003


  ton 17:21 19 Oct 2003

Ok now with 98SE, problem was with firewall (Zone alarm).

  graham√ 17:40 19 Oct 2003

Glad you're sorted.

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