AOL & problems with web

  Steinman 20:49 20 Mar 2003

My sis-in-law has got major problems.
She can (if lucky) connect to AOL, but if she attempts to go to any of her favourites she gets Can not find server or Web page unavailable.
Have gone through all AOL help. Tried their support line twice, tried on-line help & even re-installed AOL 7.0 as advised by tech support. But still can not get on other sites!
Wind XP AOL 7.0 Anyone got any ideas?!

  Mat2 21:01 20 Mar 2003

Hi Steiman, has your sister in law have a firewall installed, if she has the problem which she is experiencing could be down the the settings of the firewall possible to tight, if this is the case you could try to reduce the security, as you did not mention in your orginal thread where she was running any short of internet security software that is beening run. As i am an AOL user myself i run internet security software and i do not experience and of the problem which you have mentioned, also you did not mention what telephone providor, i ask this because there is three dial up connections and also broadband.

I hope that this information is a little help to you

  racoonboy 21:10 20 Mar 2003

I had a similar experience once and tracked the problem down to the dial-up phone numbers. AOL can supply a list of phone number to try connecting to their servers, and I found the ones suggested by AOL help werent necessarily the best.

Get your sister to try all of the possible connection numbers that the software suggests as primary dial-up numbers. Like the title says, its a long shot but might help.


  Steinman 21:12 20 Mar 2003

no firewall @ moment.BT dial-up connection

  he he :-)™ 21:37 20 Mar 2003

Have u reinstalled AOL?
if u have when u have got online go to keyword beta 8 download AOL 8 and see if that works.

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