AOL Problem using Belkin Router for internet

  Frank Chin 16:09 26 Jan 2006

I have another variation of the problems described below.

I have:

-Cable modem thru AOL. Must click on AOL to go to internet.
-Belkin Pre-N router.
-One desktop PC connected via cable.
-One Dell inspirion laptop connected wirelessly.
-OS on both is Windows XP SP2
-DHCP on, security via WAP, etc.
-Separate screen names for AOL.

Works as follows:

-File and print sharing works OK, except network neighborhood on desktop is empty, but can be populated via "search". Not big problem now, but would like an idea.
-Can surf the net on either the Desktop or Laptop, but not together.
-I can log on to AOL on either with different screen names.
-I can even log on to both BUT (see below)

But the problem is:

-With both accessing the net, AOL stops working within 5 minutes, on both. Keeps disconnecting, connecting and works another 5 minutes, and so on.
-With either ONE ONLY working, I can surf the net all day long, even the wireless -and HAVE, with no problems.

Called up AOL:

-Confirmed I have MSL (multiple simultaneous signon)
-That it'll be better to use an AOL supported Router. The Belkin Pre-N is not a supported router.
-Says AOL cable has certain complications, but didn't specify what.
-Says problem is in the router configuration, and Belkin may be best to answer. Appears data packets being mixed up.
-Quickest solution is to pack the Belkin up in the box, and exchange for an AOL supported router.
-Gave me Belkin support number, but not in service. The Belkin number on box works, but haven't spoken to anyone yet. Got on hold 4:30 this morning, and I was tired.
-Used expert setup on, and everything worked except when I try to enable ACCESS POINT, and which point it tells me the internet is disconnected. Tried 3 times, same deal. I have to do a hard RESET, and start over. Fortunately I figured out how to save the settings to reload.

Checked IP config and

Desktop is on
Laptop is on

So I can't see how the data can get confused.

Did not call up Belkin yet. Will do so today or tommorrow depending on what I can find out. Helplines are useless if you only know 10%.

Any ideas.


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