AOL problem-connectiong without its software

  roor_uk 21:34 07 Apr 2004

I'm new to the boards and I know there has been a lot of posts about using AOL without its software, but they all talk about Broadband, not about straight forward dial-up £15.99 a month. I'm a student at uni, and AOL is the only service to not use a dialer so I can have flat rate internet when I go home to visit as well as where Im living for uni. But I just HATE AOL software, 9 is the worst, it has loads of other stuff I never want to use.

Iv tried setting up my own dial-up connection using my username, password and the AOL phone numbers. Is it only possible to dial-up AOL without the software on broadband then?

Any help would be greatfully recieved.

  VoG II 21:46 07 Apr 2004

Can you not connect using AOL software then minimise it and start Internet Explorer?

  livewire 21:51 07 Apr 2004

Hi there!

If you want to do this follow these steps:
Sign off AOL.

Click Sign on Options

Clcik Dialler settings and follow the instructions.


  roor_uk 21:54 07 Apr 2004

Thats what I have been doing, but AOL causes problems, sometimes it takes up to 5 mins for Internet explorer to load, well at least without needing to be closed and needing to send an error report to microsoft. Its just a bugbear I have with AOL. Because of AOL 8, I needed to reinstall windows and the XP upgrade on my desktop PC and I don't want the same to happen to the laptop.

With the desktop it got that the system would hang for 10 mins after connecting using AOL, then about 20 IE windows would pop-up. If there is any way of ridding my life and hard disk of AOL, I would jump at the chance.

  roor_uk 21:59 07 Apr 2004

Livewire, tahnkyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!

Thats exactly what I wanted. Can I remove the rest of the AOL software and keep the dialer??

And Livewire, again, thankyou!

  livewire 22:07 07 Apr 2004

No problem! :)

Unfortunetly you cannot remove the entire AOL software without losing the dialler.


  roor_uk 22:14 07 Apr 2004

Darn, oh well, its just what I wanted, cheers mate.

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