AOL - Poor range on supplied wireless router

  zolabudd 16:53 20 Dec 2005

I have an aol supplied router the thomson speedtouch 576. the range is probably ok for a small house but with the router in my attic office i can't pick up a very good signal in the lounge . Can anyone recommend a router with a better range or ariel extension - must be compatible with AOL?

  freddie160471 20:14 27 Dec 2005

Hi there, I use the Netgear DG834C. The price has come down a lot recently on amazon. read the reviews there. I highly recommend it.

  zolabudd 20:24 27 Dec 2005

Hi Freddie, thanks for the tip but I've been put off this router from the reveiews on DSL warehouse - many didn't rate it. I had a look at the spec and it doesn't mention the range is good so I'm cautious to try it.
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  hzhzhz 22:11 27 Dec 2005

Dont worry about it not being AOL compatible. I use a D Link 604. Just go to aol techchat and they will email you the info for setup. They did for me anyway.

  driving man 20:59 28 Dec 2005

Have found that keeping a router away from a wall will give better coverage. Also have found routers to be " directional" so try movong it 90 degrees at a time and see if it helps

  driving man 21:02 28 Dec 2005

By The By am on AOL Silver to which AOL says will not support wireless. In fact it will but Aol want us to upgrade to gold or platignum and will not give tech. support

  zolabudd 09:22 29 Dec 2005

main problem is the strength of the signal is not strong enough to pass through all the walls to get to the lounge. lounge is 2 floors down and on opposite side of the house. signal needs to pass through 2 floors and then 5 walls. All the walls are brick construction and two of them are double thickness. Tricky eh? The AOL router supplied does have enough strength to get a very low signal in the lounge when I move the router out of the office into the landing. A router with double the range would probably do it but which one I haven't any idea?

  hzhzhz 10:40 29 Dec 2005

Is it not possible to move the router to a more central position. Mine is approx. 7m away from incoming phone socket.

  hzhzhz 10:42 29 Dec 2005

Im using a 10m length of cable.

  Troll3d 19:56 22 Mar 2006

You could try a wireless booster, these are really cheap on e-bay, some of them simple replace the arial susplied with your router.

Hope this helps Troll3d

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