AOL to Outlook Express

  highside 10:26 04 Feb 2005

Where do I find info to make my mates e mail default as Outlook Express instead of AOL. Win XP

  Diemmess 10:44 04 Feb 2005

Aol's handling of email is fine as it is. (For those like me who've always used it.) OE to me is baffling and full of difficulties.

Why not use Aol's freephone number, because if it can be done they will talk you through it.

  bertiecharlie 10:54 04 Feb 2005

Information click here If you have any trouble, in the Incoming mail server field, enter In the Outgoing mail server field, enter: (ie. just add uk).

  feb 12:25 04 Feb 2005

In AOL keyword, type "imap" it will explain eveything

  Mango Grummit 12:35 04 Feb 2005

I absolutely agree with Diemmess.

However I do also use OE (for a a particular reason). If you do as feb suggests you will be up and running with OE in less that three minutes.

  picklsey 14:53 04 Feb 2005

for reference.

  The Sack 15:07 04 Feb 2005
  The Sack 15:07 04 Feb 2005
  highside 16:10 04 Feb 2005

Thanks for all the help OK now.

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