AOL and outlook express

  User-0FEE6D55-A754-4DE8-88A25EF704A621F4 17:52 29 Aug 2003

I'm contemplating signing up with AOL broadband and wondered (apologies if this sounds dumb)but would I be able to access my email via outlook express?
Past experience with AOL was they had their own email browser

Also would I be able to use a microsoft browser instead of the AOL one (which I'm use too)


  graham√ 17:56 29 Aug 2003

Once you have logged on to AOL, minimise it and open any other browser.

  Djohn 17:59 29 Aug 2003

Can't use Outlook Express but can use any browser you wish, once you have minimised AOL to the taskbar. Version 8 is much better now than 7. Also you can download, AOL "Communicator" this will allow you to read/write all versions of POP3 and IMAP protocols from within AOL, including Outlook Express. Looks very much like IE and "Outlook". j.

thanks Guys - appreciate your help

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