aol and networking and broadband

  jules-1 16:20 25 Jul 2003

We have two computers one with XP one with ME - We both have individual AOL dial up accounts.

We have installed a network package hoping that we could both access the internet at the same time. There seems to be some problems in the set up (although we followd all the instructions)we can still only access individually.
We also want to move to broadband (have read message boards re aol)and don't know what to do first! We do not have access to cable.
Have read lots of suggestions for which B/B to use but if AOL are offerring this 19.99 deal does this mean we need only cancel one of our accounts - and how do we set up the network properly to work with AOL & B/B - Can any one make any sense out of this for us - pretty please???

  Djohn 18:07 25 Jul 2003

At the moment AOL does not officially support networking, though there is a way that seems to work for some. Regarding the offer from them on B/B. This was offered to me only as I went to cancel my dial-up account, and is treated on an individual basis. Good luck if they offer you the same j.

  jules-1 18:32 25 Jul 2003

Thank You Very much.
We may, then, change ISP to PIPEX or ZEN. The two computers each have a network card installed and are connected directly together via a 'crossed' cable, rather than through a switch or hub.

If we get broadband what would be the best way to connect up the pc's?

Should we leave the network as it is and get an ADSL modem, OR is there some other more efficient method using a switch/hub/router that perhaps allows both computers to access broadband individually (ie so that only one pc needs to be switched on), AND also so both computers computers to access broadband simultaneously??

We do not yet know enough about either netwoking or broadband to know what the solution is.

Thanks for any help.

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