AOL + NetgearDG834PN, Cant get internet connection

  Poshgal 16:49 03 Dec 2007

PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me as I'm about to throw a brand new laptop out the window if this isn't sorted soon!

Ive got the netgear DG834PN router and I'm trying to connect to AOL with it on my desktop pc and my new laptop.

Ive got the router set up and done everything correctly but when I put in my aol user name and password to try to connect to the internet it just won't connect!

Can't seem to get any help from the tech ppl at netgear or AOL and I'm at my wits end after trying for well over a week now!

Any advice would be greatfully received as its an early christmas present and at the moment its caused nothing but stress lol x

  Ashrich 00:30 04 Dec 2007

Is it the router that won't connect , or the 2 computers ? Is the laptop running Vista by any chance , only there has been an issue with AOL and Vista , with Vista needing to have Global Auto Tuning turning off . To do this you need to open a command prompt with Admin rights ( start/programs/accessories/command prompt , right click and select " login as administrator " . At the command prompt type in ...netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled , press exit , and exit again to leave the box . Reboot the system . Are you using AOL VR the Vista ready program ?


  Poshgal 14:56 04 Dec 2007

Yea I'm using AOL VR. It's the router that isn't connecting, have tried it on both my laptop which has Vista and my pc which has XP. So do you think will help then?

  Ashrich 21:49 04 Dec 2007

Not a fix for XP I'm afraid , hmmm , thinking cap on again . So the router won't connect to AOL , have you done a Google for the problem , I'm sure that there are pages of the stuff relating to AOL router settings , have you read this click here about AOL settings for wireless ?


  Poshgal 20:01 07 Dec 2007

Finally got it working, tried a 4th router and this one actually works, the guy that was heping me reckons it was the routers that AOL had compatbility problems with the others because this one was easy to set up n touchwood ha no probs at all with the internet or my network x

  constance 14:41 11 Dec 2007

It would be helpful to know which router worked for you as I'm about to network a similar setup.
XP and Vista with AOL.


  Poshgal 21:56 11 Dec 2007

Yep no problem, I will reply tomorrow when I can get at the box and give you the details for it. And I wish you better luck than I had lol x

  Poshgal 15:02 12 Dec 2007

Constance. I've got the box here and it's an EDIMAX AR-7084gA. I hope this helps you and you get it set up much easier than me, I'm now stuck with a Netgear router that cost me £100 and it cant be returned to store as it's not faulty, so definately worth trying the Edimax and its a much cheaper router £45, my connection is fine and so are the speeds with it.

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