AOL narrowband disconnects and is slow

  [DELETED] 20:31 27 Nov 2003

I have had AOL 6 narrowband for over two and a half years. The system has worked well for most of that time.

However, during the past two weeks or so I have encountered the following difficulties:

1. Connection often takes 4 or 5 attempts whereas I used to connect first time, occasionally second time.

2. AOL disconnects frequently.

3. AOL home page often loads very slowly to full pictures.

4. Pages of websites often load more slowly than used to be the case.

5. The system frequently cannot be signed off normally. I have to wait a minute or so for it to disconnect ‘abnormally’ with the message, ‘the connection was lost’.

6. emails sometimes take up to a minute to indicate they have been sent, they used to do so almost instantly.

BT says the line is not faulty although they have replaced a ‘noisy’ handset attached to my line. The replacement handset is also a bit noisy.

If the line or handset is not the problem could it be the modem, AOL software or any other cause? I have not attached any programmes or new software for several months.

I had a similar problem last year, although not as pronounced. This lasted for about a week before righting itself. I have no idea why. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

  [DELETED] 20:39 27 Nov 2003

I 'used' to have an AOL account, until I encountered the same problem you describe. AOL continously side stepped me by blaming BT and telling me to persist with them over bad lines. One thing they never owned up to, was that when I 1st got the account, I was furnished with 5 numbers to dial out to, this was 'upgraded' to 4 and then 3. Inevitibley, it became harder and harder to dial up and stay online.
It was finally admitted to me, after obtaining some information from a BT engineer, by AOL, that they have reduced the access numbers to save costs, even though this causes oversubscription.

I changed immediately to Tiscali and haven't look back ever since, in fact I went on to sign up with BroadBand with them.

  [DELETED] 20:43 27 Nov 2003

From the log-in screen go into settings and choose a different phone number to log on, there is one number that I used and it would take forever to load, and the same to send even a short e-mail.

Give this a try, if no improvement post back to this thread and ask for someone to help you to remove the " files", then for instructions on how to go into preferences, then font/text/graphics. Reduce these to 5 and save, exit, then rebuild to 40 and log on again.

I would talk you through myself, but I have to go out and will be back around 11:00 pm. Good luck. j.

  [DELETED] 21:12 27 Nov 2003

I use Windows 98se and I never get update notifications unless I go to the M/S page looking for them. Mind you a few weeks ago I got several emails from "M/S"??? telling me to update. After years of using windows these emails were a new venture for them so I binned them after reading them on Mailwasher so they were never downloaded. I hope these were not the updates you are talking about? :) .......Peter

  [DELETED] 21:15 27 Nov 2003

nooo.. :-).. I was being sarcastic about AOL.... using their 'marketing shpeel' about 'Upgrading their service to enhance our surfing experience'... or in real terms.. cramming more of us onto fewer lines (Oversubscribing the connections).

  [DELETED] 21:17 27 Nov 2003

Sorry all wrong thread, forgive me :-( ....Peter

  [DELETED] 01:13 28 Nov 2003

I'm back now, and will be on-line all day tomorrow so if you still need a little help, post back and I will try my best to sort your problem. j.

  [DELETED] 17:24 28 Nov 2003


That is very kind of you. Touching a lot of wood things seem to have been ok today, even the loading of pages has speeded up.

I think I will let things run for a few days and if the problems return I will post again.

Once again thank you for your kind offer.

  [DELETED] 17:32 28 Nov 2003

Your welcome. If the problem returns, then please post back and I, or one of many other AOL users will be only too pleased to offer assistance. j.

  [DELETED] 11:25 09 Mar 2004

Just a footnote to this saga which might be a useful titbit to others who find themselves in similar difficulty.

My problems of continual disconnections and very slow operation went on for two months. I made numerous calls to BT, AOL and even Gateway my computer manufacturer re the internal modem.
All suggested it was a problem of one of the other organisations.

BT insisted consistently that my telephone line was not faulty despite constant crackle and noise. They 'threatened' that if they sent an engineer and the fault was on the line within my house I would have to pay a charge of over £100 plus VAT.

Eventually, I persuaded them to send an engineer - a very helpful man. He spent over two hours checking the line between my house and the local exchange and eventually discovered the problem WAS a faulty line somewhere in their system He made some sort of line switch (I am a technophobe I am afraid) between me and the exchange and my AOL connection has worked perfectly ever since.

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