RobCharles1981 18:30 26 Nov 2006

I'm unable to connect ot my Broadband Silver Service,I have phoned Member Services on two occations, 1 was no help, so I phoned again to ask to be put back to my dialup account untill I can get all working again.

I was using the Broadband Service all everning yesterday with out no problems, but during the middle of the night we had a power cut, which cut off all the phones, the phones are no working but I'm unable to connect to the service, the 4 lights on the Modem where constantly flashing.

Is my modem fried??

  SB23 19:24 26 Nov 2006

Have you tried repairing the Aol Connectivity Services?

  octal 19:24 26 Nov 2006

Try switching the modem off for a minute or two, then switch it back on and reboot the computer see if that works.

  CHEDDAR 20:38 26 Nov 2006

Rob, i have had the same and the only way I could cure it was to uninstal Aol and re-instal. I know it was a right pain and i tried everything first.

  RobCharles1981 22:10 26 Nov 2006

Just an update on this, it seems to me that my modem has died, as it frequently cuts out the main power, right now I'm on Dialup and that connects ok so theres nothing wrong with my line at all.

  RobCharles1981 22:57 26 Nov 2006

I can confirm that my Modem Has Blown up on the phone to a Supervisor so I'm going get a Router now far better and supreme!!

  RobCharles1981 13:43 27 Nov 2006

A Neighbour of mine has had a similer problem but he is on with BT and an engineer came out and said his Filter Box was faulty but could it be that?

Would I be able to cancel my Broadband with AOL and sign up with another provider??

Because I'm fed up with their support service.


  driving man 13:49 27 Nov 2006

Rob, am on AOL silver--- ditched their modem and purcased a netgear wireless router. Is great because can now take laptop anywhere in house and share files and printers with desktop.
PS moaned to AOL about price---- told them was thinking of changing-- they offered 14.99 month and free modem. Told them it was still too dear and now pay 9.99 month---------moan--you cant lose

  RobCharles1981 14:10 27 Nov 2006

Ile consider that mate, when I contact customer service can I request that I can be connected to someone from the UK? I mean it took 3 BLOODY PHONE CALLS!! And I was stressed out!!!

But If I could - would I still be able to cancel and move else where?

The Router I had in mind was this one:

click here

But click here

Is the cheapest!

Is that best??

From what you said about sharing ect ect how much better will it be also for Gaming???

  driving man 14:31 27 Nov 2006

will slow down by nano secs but you wont notice--assume you are talking about on-line games

  RobCharles1981 14:39 27 Nov 2006


Like Half Life and Half Life 2 Ect and for use with game spy as well

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