AOL Mail from old XP PC to New Vista PC

  ukrv 14:20 07 Aug 2007


I have the hard drive from my (broken) laptop running XP Pro and now have a new Vista PC

The Vista PC came with AOL 9 whilst my laptop was running AOL 8 (when I stopped using AOL in 2005).

The problem is I have a few hundred emails stored "somewhere" on the old hard-drive that I would like to copy across to the appropriate folder in the AOL set-up on new PC.

Where should I be looking for the stored emails (what folder, file ext and filename) and exactly where should I paste it into AOL 9 ?

I dont actually want to use AOL but do need to be able to read/access those emails.

Thanks !!

  Diemmess 18:11 07 Aug 2007

The change to v 9 and subsequent updates make a copy&paste of version 8's data slightly iffy.

If Aol 9 is loaded but not connected to the net, again I'm not at all sure this will work...........
And then there is Vista!

If you really want to try, and with care you have nothing to lose. (I am using XP and Aol 9)

First the old computer:-
Open My computer and then your C:(?) drive.
Click on the following -
Documents and settings
All Users
Application data ("un-hide") this system file)
C_AOL 9.0.........then you will see two separate folders -
idb and organize (note the z in organize)
Copy each folder to a pendrive or CD

You are finished with the old computer now.

Open My Computer on the new one and repeat the long path above until you find idb and organize again.
This time rename each folder with a suffix like .old
(If this doesn't work you can at least backtrack)

Finally paste the old idb and organize folders into this folder.

With any luck, the next time you load Aol on the new computer you should be able to find your old email, favourites and address book!


As for a simple transfer I don't believe there is one which can be decoded from Aol into IE etc!

  ukrv 21:26 07 Aug 2007

Well, you got it with the old pc - the info ou gave matched that from another forum, so thanks.

Problem is, new AOL doesnt have those same folders, so I dont know where to paste to.


  Diemmess 09:31 08 Aug 2007

Have tried again this morning.

By the way, I can read my email already stored even when not online.

I put idb into Search and came up with only idb.dll.

organize turned up with a short cut. Right clicking and properties produced the path to the target folder.

Odd, but using the long path - (which you say works on the old computer) You should be able to find both an idb folder and an organize one.

Do make sure that you first set to be able to view hidden and system files.

If you still are unable to see them, then it is a lame but plausible excuse to blame Vista for handling Aol differently!

  ukrv 19:39 08 Aug 2007

OK - managed to get it sorted.....

I found how to "unhide" the files/folders in Vista.

Then found the Organize folder on new PC and deleted it - then pasted the Organize folder from my old PC (and older version of AOL)

Then I had to open AOL VR and enter the username and hit the login button - knowing it wouldnt actually login as I hadn't entered a password and I didnt even have an account any longer.

I repeated this for each of our old usernames.

Then, without trying to login to AOL, I can select any of my old usernames in the User ID box and the hit the "read email" button and they're all there.

  Diemmess 08:43 09 Aug 2007

When I have done it, the transfer has always been between computers with the same O.S.

Although I like Aol and have no intention of changing to another ISP, their "Help" for problems like this has been inadequate to the point of uselessness for years.

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