AOL loading cpu 100%

  thewasp 21:56 17 Feb 2008

After a few minutes of my computer starting up, I get process aolload.exe loading the cpu at 100%, even if aol is not running.

Ending the process is the only way to stop it and doesn't cause any noticeable effects.

Anyone else had this problem?

AOL unwilling to help.


  birdface 09:14 18 Feb 2008 here=

  birdface 09:23 18 Feb 2008

Did running your security programs find any problems.

  thewasp 13:37 18 Feb 2008

No security problems found (Panda) and sometimes it doesn't cause a problem.

  thewasp 21:40 19 Feb 2008

Seems it was due to a new aol install. I presume it might have been updating, now running ok and not using resources.

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