AOL keeps disconnecting?

  plsndrs3 14:38 11 Oct 2003


I use AOL 7 [I know, but I like it & it suits me]& have just 'upgraded' to connecting via Broadband - thanks to those who helped me.

Over the past few weeks, I keep getting disconnected [even when I am waiting for a page such as PCA to load] & I have to restart. This is not too much of a hassle but can be annoying when you are in the middle of looking for the right page on all those Google responses ;o) I know AOL8 is claimed to have a re-connect type software, but I have been told by others that I should not upgrade yet as there are some major problems with the other files that this will load onto a Win XP PC. Is there a stand alone software available in the market I can use? I have Terminator, but that stopped being of use after AOL 5 [yes it is old - lol]

Any guidance gratefully received.



  Djohn 14:53 11 Oct 2003

Version 8 has no major problems at all. I use this version with Broadband and it's fine. AS to your disconnections, there should not be any, your connection should be always on! [Broadband]. This may be a problem with the way your broadband is set up more than AOL itself.

Do you have any other hardware connected through your USB ports, and which operating system do you use? j.

  plsndrs3 15:10 11 Oct 2003


I use a Microsoft Light Mouse connected through an adapter to th PS2 connection, but other than that no USBs. The Broadband box is connected via cable to the [newly installed] Q-TEC 590N PCI Network card.

I use the company's Broadband box - it's OK with them & I get broadband speed for free! - so it is not a permanent connection & is always on when I am connected but only so far as to the internet, not my ISP. AOL knocks me off asking for new log on credentials [password, etc] but as it was doing this before with a connection through a SupraExpress Pro stand alone modem, I am unsure if this is the issue.

Would you recommend simpoly upgrading to AOL8 in the circumstances? I think that the Broadband connection is OK as it is shown via Control Panel & I have noticed an increase in speed?

Many thanks.


  The Sack 15:22 11 Oct 2003

the AOL broadband software is different ot the AOL dial up software

  Djohn 15:36 11 Oct 2003

As The Sack says, they are two different software programs. All connection packs sent out over the past two months have included version 8 of AOL, and it really does work well, and a much nicer looking interface.

Install version 8 to your PC, it will update, but at the same time keep all your settings. Once you have it up and running and feel comfortable with it, go into Control panel, then add/remove programs. Click on remove AOL. Your PC will search for all versions you have and bring them up in the window. Highlight the ones you no longer wish to keep and click on remove.

You will then be left with just the one you want, the last one you installed, at this stage, click the "Skip" button, [Don't want to remove this one], then the finish button. Reboot and all should be working fine. j.

  plsndrs3 15:53 11 Oct 2003

The Sack/Djohn,

Many thanks for this. I will trust your words more than others I have spoken to & install AOL8 now.

Resolved ticked.



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